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By Mike Johnson on 2014-02-08 10:00:36
Could you please tell me what has happened to Layla? I don’t see her on anymore. are they about to wish her luck on her future endeavors?

Layla is still under contract to WWE but not cleared to wrestle. The belief among those I've spoken to is that she won't be returning to the ring anytime soon.

I can't help but feel that there is such an easy way to keep the vast majority of the Mania card that they initially had planned, have Bryan end the night with the WWE World Heavyweight Championship and all without inserting him into a triple threat with Orton and Batista. Seeing as it's Wrestlemania 30 why not have The Authority decide to celebrate some things from previous Wrestlemanias? Piper and Hogan appear without the need to wrestle in a Piper's Pit looking back at the Wrestlemania 1 main event. Then have them do a special Money in the Bank ladder match - Kofi, Christian, Ziggler, a returning Evan Bourne? one-off appearance's from Jericho and RVD? Bryan and Orton are the last two in the Chamber and Orton low blows Bryan to get the win. Bryan demands a rematch on RAW due to the cheap way Orton wins and Hunter tells him the only way he get another shot is if he wins Money in the Bank. At Mania, Bryan wins Money in the Bank, Orton defeats Batista and within seconds Bryan's music hits. Orton throws a bitch fit until he turns into a Batista Bomb allowing Bryan to cash in and end the night Champion. Batista is now a hero (I think this is the only way to get the crowd behind him now) and WWE gets the insane Bryan moment that'll make Wrestlemania 30 as special as it should feel. Thoughts?

I'd certainly be fine with that scenario. I suggested it a few weeks ago during an Elite audio discussion - that they can open and close Wrestlemania with Daniel Bryan wins. We'll see if that is indeed where they go in a few weeks!

I was just wondering if there is any word WWE Network will archive old Raws and Nitro's or will it only be shown through the Monday Night Wars?

WWE will have some of the material available via archives, but how much of it will be available at the launch remains to be seen.

With all the fallout between Punk and WWE, how's AJ Lee fairing in all this? Is there any heat on her? Though undeserved, it wouldn't surprise me. Or has Vince tried to use AJ as a bridge of communication to Punk?

There's been no word on any of this, but if WWE punishes AJ for something Punk did, that's really a pretty pathetic thing to do.

If Part-Timers can comeback and headline WM year after year then why not CM Punk comeback as a part-timer and headline a future WM? Maybe he feels this is the only way he can ever headline a WM.

Punk has always been outspoken about those who comes back in just for a Wrestlemania payday. Is it possible he will do it? Sure, but he would be going against everything he's complained about in the past. Time will tell.

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