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By Mike Johnson on 2014-02-06 10:00:00

Has there been any discussion within Ring of Honor in-relation to CM Punk possibly returning with his recent walkout? If he were to join any other promotion surely the general consensus is it would be Ring of Honor?

There has been no discussion within about a return of CM Punk internally with ROH. The belief is that if Punk doesn't want to wrestle and make the type of money he's making in WWE, he probably doesn't want to wrestle, period.

Will AJ Styles feature for Ring of Honor at Supercard of Honor or is he going to - as rumored - New Japan that weekend?

Neither promotion has announced Styles for that weekend.

Just wanted to know how the WWE Network will ne streaming be for PS3? I looked for the WWE app and can not find it in the Playstation store,only thing I see for streaming is the live event player.

WWE hasn't launched it's Network Apps yet. They will launch them closer to the 2/24 launch.

So back in '01 when WWE bought WCW, Sting said that he didn't join because he didn't trust the way WWE would use him after seeing The Rock confront Booker T & saying, "Who in the bloody hell are you?" Now, there are rumors saying that not only does WWE NOT see Sting as a big deal unlike Batista, The Rock, & Brock Lesnar, but they also plan on giving him the GM role. Now if he didn't trust them back then & if they don't see him as a big deal now, what's changed?

I don't know if that Sting-Booker T story is legitimate, but Sting's issues were always the more racy elements of WWE programming. Now, there isn't any concern with that as WWE strives to be a PG-TV product, plus, let's face it - Sting is at the end of his career and the perfect way to wrap it on a high note and to make the most money possible is with a WWE role of some sort and a Hall of Fame induction. I don't know where the Raw GM rumor started but it could be that's what he does, we will have to see if he signs first, however.  It's all about the two sides coming to terms.

On 02/14/2014 you answered question regarding if Divas are restricted in the ring by writing that some male talent is also restricted in what they are allowed to do in the ring. Is this done as more of an attempt to protect guys from more dangerous maneuvers or is it a conscious effort to keep mid-card guys that can work a more entertaining style from out-shadowing main-eventers that tend to work a more basic style?

It's done to prevent the shows from being repetitive with the same spots and sequences over and over as well as protecting them from doing something overly dangerous. They also want the talents to make sure they can maintain themselves on the road full-time physically and mentally.

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