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By Dave Scherer on 2014-02-05 09:59:00

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So the New Age Outlaws got the Tag Title, Batista won the Rumble and Bryan wasn't even in the Rumble so JBL could do a 46 sec cameo. Do you think that these particular decisions by Vince/creative might have caused (at least in part) Punk "going home and not coming back"? And if so, might this be a situation where the company has to react so they don't end up losing all of their top talents?

A lot of things played into Punk going home. It's not as simple as what happened at The Rumble. But with that said, each wrestler is different so I don't think what Punk does will affect what other talents do.

So, as TNA seem to be following many old WWE storylines, will the next one be the Carter (MacMahon) Family Feud as Ethan Carter II is revealed as the mystery investor?

You know, it wouldn't shock me in the least. They really need to get away from doing things WWE has done. It makes them look second rate when they do it (and before anyone says WWE copies TNA at times too, it's true but when you are number one it doesn't have the same appearance as when you are number two).

Most people are aware that Jim Ross was pretty much forced to retire, but WWE still tried to play it legit by having them send tweets wishing JR well following his apparent decision. So my question is, why then not mention anything at all about it on WWE programming? The most popular and talented announcer in the history of the company, a man who has worked there for 20+ years, has supposedly announced he's leaving and they don't do an awesome video package on his career? No farewell send off on Raw? Not even a mention from his announcing colleagues and a heartfelt thanks for his hard work?

The reason was that they wanted to bring minimal attention to it. It's that simple. I agree that he deserved better, but I don't think he should have been forced to retire in the first place, especially when you consider that Ric Flair is back in the company's good graces.

Sting Better Than Undertaker: In regards to the often questioned match between Sting and The Undertaker, I agree with you in not wanting to see the match take place. However, I do disagree with your reason why. Time and again you have stated that you do not feel that Sting is up to the task of the Wrestlemania match. I don't see how you could think that Sting would be lacking when he is currently a wrestler who wrestles on a full time schedule whereas the Undertaker only wrestles a few times a year at his well-known health issues.

Sting is working at a much slower speed the last few years than he used to. Taker may only work one day a year, but when he does he goes balls to the walls. Sting doesn't do that working his current schedule.

What was the point in Shawn Michaels whole superkick/screwing of Daniel Bryan if it leads no were? We've had one heel HBK promo since, and now he's back clapping the fans and calling Bryan the future of the company on the Royal Rumble panel. There was no pay off at all. Couldn't HHH have just pedigree'd Bryan, even Bray Wyatt costing him the title at HIAC would have made more sense!

It was to show that Bryan shouldn't mess with The Authority. I agree, if it wasn't going to lead to a match where Bryan could get his heat back, there was no real point to it.

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