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By Dave Scherer on 2014-02-04 09:59:00

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Why in the world did WWE have the announcers completely ignore The Shield facing off and then brawling with The Wyatts at the Rumble? To me, this could have been sold as being huge akin to Hogan-Warrior or HBK-Undertaker in past Rumbles if the announcers had tried just a little bit. Never was the need for Jim Ross, Joey Styles or even Monsoon and Heenan or Ventura more painfully obvious. Especially with what happened the next night on Raw and the scheduled match at the Elimination Chamber this was almost as strange as involving a midget or an announcer in the match..

You are under a misconception as to how announcing works. They broadcast crew is there to get over what Vince McMahon wants them to get over. They are there to make him happy. And, that is what they do. For every bad line that JBL makes, Vince pops, so JBL will keep doing it.

My question for you guys is have you ever or would ever consider taking part in a Wrestling angle? For example lets say hypothetically that this Punk situation was a work by the WWE to play up his rebel character and lead to him crashing the WrestleMania main event or all other such fantasy booking scenarios. Let's say you guys find out that its a work from your inside sources, would you consider playing along and reporting that Punk is really gone in order to preserve the surprise?

No, I would never, ever lie to our readers. I would post it as a SPOILER but I wouldn't lie and say something was real when I knew it wasn't. No one with integrity in my position would. In fact, a few years ago a radio show allowed Eric Bischoff go on and totally distort the truth and never challenged him on what he was saying. I took the host to task for being an embarrassment to the business by being a party to it.

I am tired of seeing WWE use the same set up for RAW, Smackdown, etc and PPV's. Especially PPV. It makes everything seem very generic. I know they change the graphics but it still looks the same. Thoughts?

Honestly, I never even notice. To me, the only really important part of the set up is the ring.

The news on CM Punk has been disappointing. Say CM Punk doesn't go back to the WWE and has time to heal from his injuries, do you think it is possible he could go to TNA? Punk has saved his money and he has gad derogatory things to say about TNA in the past, but an opportunity to speak his mind and wrestle the likes of Samoa Joe, Austin Aries, Christopher Daniels and Bully Ray could be enticing. TNA would certainly see a ratings bump just for curiosity sakes and Punk could lead a company. TNA could mess it up but even Dixie Carter could see a real value in having Punk get his way. could Punk be that free agent that changes things like Scott Hall and Kevin Nash did for WCW?

I don't see it happening. For one thing, TNA treated Punk badly when he was there before, and he remembers that. For another, he has reached the top of the mountain in WWE. Going to TNA would be a major step backward. At this point, if stays out and later heals up and changes his mind about working, I think he would only want to come back to the big time, not TNA.

With CM Punk gone, WWE is going to have to push some more mid-carders. Even though it is a huge loss to have Punk leave, do you think this gives the lower/mid-card guys a better chance to step up?

That chance is ALWAYS there. It is just a matter of whether Vince McMahon gives guys a real chance or not. It all falls on Vince. He is the one that has to change his approach.

You can send us questions for the Q&A by clicking here.

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