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By Dave Scherer on 2014-02-02 09:59:00

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Do you think unifying the belts was a mistake? I feel if there were still 2 belts people wouldn't have such a problem if Batista was co-main eventing for one at Wrestlemania.

It is really more about Daniel Bryan here than having two Title belts. If he isn't in the WWE or World Title match (and really, probably only the WWE would do), it doesn't really matter if there is another belt.

Given that it's a possibility that it will be Lesnar vs. Batista at Wrestlemania, coupled with Batista's Rumble win going over like a sack of wet turds, what do you think the possibility of the match being a repeat of Lesnar vs. Goldberg in terms of the live crowd crapping all over it?

Well, if the option is Orton-Batista or Lesnar-Batista, I think the latter would be better received. Of the three, Brock is by far the most fun to watch and he will work hard. Batista-Orton scares me because Batista is limited and Orton isn't going to be able to carry him to anything memorable. Brock would make Batista work because if he doesn't, he is going to get beaten up.

If Part-Timers can comeback and headline WM year after year then why not CM Punk comeback as a part-timer and headline a future WM? Maybe he feels this is the only way he can ever headline a WM.

You may be right and I have said the same thing. If Punk stays out for the rest of the year, by this time next year he would be a hot commodity and could absolutely be brought back and put in a top spot, provided he and Vince stay on good terms. And hell, maybe so even if they don't for a little whil.e.

Do you think Punk bailing rather than wrestle HHH at Mania will be any kind of a wake up call? I know that's not the only reason, but it exposes what the fans have come to learn: as much as they've tried to book H as an "event" like Taker, it does NOTHING for his opponent. Win or lose, Bryan and the rest of the roster will continue to be buried on the mic by him. The last few years it seems the only PPV storylines with a real build have been the ones involving Hunter yet haven't "made" anyone in the process. At what point is HHH the huge star they present him as or someone who gets a pop for cool entrance music? If you're in the front office, stay there- get out of the way and off my tv!

H is a high ranking executive and family to Vince McMahon. His perception of his son-in-law will not be changed by this.

What are the chances that the CM Punk situation is a HUGE elaborate work?

Nope, none. It could turn into a storyline down the road but it's very real right now.

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