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By Mike Johnson on 2014-02-01 20:07:17

The second annual National Pro Wrestling Day event in Palmer, PA turned out to be a backdrop for an angle that sparked the return of CHIKARA, which shut down last year after their last iPPV.

I have to warn you that if you aren't a fan of CHIKARA comic book superheroes come to life style of wrestling, you are probably going to scratch your head a bit during your read of this, but I can assure you that live in the venue, it popped the crowd of 600 in a major way.

During the main event of NPWD, Joe Pittman vs. Heidi Lovelace, a group of villains came from outside of the building to hit the ring. This was an ongoing storyline from several of the CHIKARA-affiliate promotions "Wrestling Is..." where the villains were showing up to attack the remnants of the CHIKARA heroes and "shutting down those companies."

This time, it was a veritable army that seemed to never end as they marched in, including Kaiju Big Battel's Dr. Cube, The BDK, Kizarny and a slew of others, followed by a legion of hooded followers.

They laid waste to Lovelace and Pittman, destroying the Wrestling Is Heart La Copa Idolo that they had been fighting for and promised they were going to ruin National Pro Wrestling Day.

CHIKARA tag team The Submission Squad came out and declared they were not going to let them destroy the remnants of CHIKARA. They were attacked and laid out, which led to a number of CHIKARA babyfaces including Dasher Hatfield, The Colony and more coming out.

The villains scoffed that the eight of them could not stop them and one of them unmasked to reveal that he was ROH's Jimmy Jacobs. I couldn't make out a good portion of the mic work due to the sound system but he appeared to be saying they were outgunned and there was nothing they could do.

Then, the hooded lackeys with the evil army revealed themselves to be CHIKARA villains Los Ice Creams and The Batiri and attacked the villains. So, we had a scene where CHIKARA's heroes and villains went back and forth with the invading interlopers and brawled in the ring and around the venue.

Then, and I kid you not, a side door of the venue opened to reveal a Delorean right out of Back to the Future, complete with smoke rising out of it since it had just "completed" time travel...and from it emerged tag team 3.0 and Arhibald Peck (who in a CHIKARA storyline, was trapped in the past after being hit with a Backfist from the Future by Eddie Kingston) with the idea that 3.0 had gone back in time to retrieve the lost Peck.

The trio joined the fight and the heroes ran the villains off with Icarus, who had been fighting the good fight to bring the promotion back via social media and a series of angles that were done online, then declaring that CHIKARA was back and would return on Sunday 5/25/14.

Absent throughout all this was Mike Quackenbush, amazingly, as one would think he would be there to help revive the company.

Update: Adam sent the following....During the brawl, GEKIDO member 17 (who is sort of an Earth 3 Quack) was pulled out of the fight by a cane from the curtain , Apollo Theater style. One of the latest CHIKARA Ashes videos showed Icarus talking to Quack, who was saddled with a cane. My assumption was that that was Quack, but no confirmation obviously.

So, as I wrote, if you aren't familiar with CHIKARA's unique brand of wrestling, you are probably wondering what the hell was all that I just wrote. Well, that's CHIKARA!

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