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By Mike Johnson on 2014-02-01 10:00:00
If Part-Timers can comeback and headline WM year after year then why not CM Punk comeback as a part-timer and headline a future WM? Maybe he feels this is the only way he can ever headline a WM.

I suppose that he can, but given that he's publicly decried people for doing that, it's not likely.

It's just me or WWE dropping Daniel Bryan from Rumble match was a HUGE work, as it can't be a mistake. Whatever it is, I guess there will be & should be a huge payoff at Mania for Bryan. Your two cents?

It wasn't a work. He was never booked in the match. That doesn't mean it won't turn into part of the storyline down the line.

I was watching some old matches on Youtube and there was a bit with the corporation and it got me thinking about Darren Young being the first WWE wrestler to be gay. Wasn?t Pat Patterson gay? Also there was a big thing around Kanyon being gay as well? So why were people making such a big deal about Young?

Patterson is indeed gay and it was known within the industry at the time but that was a different era. Kanyon was closeted for most of his career and came out later on. People made a big deal about Young because he officially came out while on the WWE roster in a move that was obviously planned to maximize attention for himself.

The Royal Rumble seemed to be the tipping point of wrestlers and fans turning there backs on WWE. We got a new tag team champions in New Age Outlaws, who have been back for a month or less. Then Batista returns after a 3 year absence to win the Rumble over much more deserving guys like Daniel Bryan or CM Punk to go the biggest event of the year. WWE rather bring back guys from the past rather then dive into there pool of already deep talent. I hate to see Punk leave but I can understand his frustration with the company. I'm wondering your thoughts on WWE bringing back talent for one more round rather then go with the talent they have?

I don't have an issue with older talents coming back to help the company, but to me, they should be used as a bridge to help get eyes on the company and help get the current full time talents over. Sadly, that has rarely happened.

This is based on things I've read. Why would WWE restrict women in the ring in terms of what they are allowed to do. If the women can go out there and have a quality match on the same level of the men, why would they not want that.

It's not just the women. The company also restricts a lot of the men in terms of moves they can do and in terms of what they are allowed to do inside the ring.

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