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By William Jeffries on 2014-01-31 19:02:02

*X-Division champion Austin Aries defeated Kazarian with a brainbuster.

Impact Wrestling:

*The show opened with Dixie Carter, Magnus, EC3 and Rockstar Spud came out cutting a promo. MVP came out and cut a promo on them. Gunner came out and saud he was going for his title shot next week. MVP books a ladder match for both Gunner and EC3's cases.

*Gunner vs. EC3 turns into a tag match when Magnus runs in, then James Storm does. Gunner and Storm win, so Carter loses his briefcase.

*The Wolves and Samoa Joe defeated Zema Ion and BroMans

*Abyss cuts a promo but is no longer wearing the mask. He is upset Eric Young brought back the monster.

.*MVP beat Rockstar Spud.with the Ballin' Elbow.

*Chris Sabin vs. Velvet Sky never takes place as Velvet is attacked by the debuting Alpha Female from Germany.

*Mr. Anderson beat Bully Ray in a Casket Match.

*Gail Kim defeated Madison Rayne.

They filmed another opening when Carter's crew coming out to set up MVP coming out. This sets up Team MVP vs. Team Magnus at Lockdown.

*Samoa Joe defeated Zema Ion and Bro Mans in a handicap match.

*Bobby Roode announces he is walking out and retiring because Dixie hasn't kept her promises. Dixie Carter offers a piece of the company to Bobby Roode to lead her team into Lockdown. It's him, Magnus, Rockstar Spud and EC3.

*The Wolves defeated Bad Influence.

*TNA champion Magnus defeated Gunner after James Storm turned on Gunner. They had a video earlier teasing the return of Beer Money.

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