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By Mike Johnson on 2014-01-31 10:00:47
With the reported top five matches for WMXXX supposedly set, does the WWE really think they will sell the PPV with Orton-Batista? Or Cena-Wyatt? Bryan-Sheamus? Punk-HHH? Even Lesnar-Undertaker? I am sold that any one of those matches could close WMXXX. The WWE WHC Match should be the key focus, but how many people really want to see Orton-Batista... again? It's just like Orton-Cena.... again! I also think Vince is short changing Daniel Bryan by having him wrestle Sheamus. Bryan-Undertaker, Bryan-Batista, and even Bryan-HHH would be okay with me. But Sheamus? Thoughts?

I wasn't personally a fan of the original lineup either, but my guess is that Brock Lesnar vs. Undertaker would have been what closed the show. Now that CM Punk has walked and Daniel Bryan fans are hijacking the show, WWE is scrutinizing and changing their plans.

I remember it was said that the wrestlers in TNA didn't know who was going to be inducted into their Hall of Fame. But thinking back to when Kurt Angle won, it's seemed genuine. So why was it that he didn't accept? Was it a real reason or was it part of a storyline?

Angle knew he was getting the nod and he turned it down as part of the storyline that was planned for him.

Now, I'm sure you guys are getting alot of questions regarding booking of the Royal Rumble, my question is about RR, but not the booking. What was up with the RAW set being the entrance for the Royal Rumble? I mean, I know you guys will probably answer with "I don't mind the set as long as the booking of the talent is good (which it was definitely not), but, what ever happened to WWE making a spectacle out of entrance and making the events seem special? It just came off like they came to Pittsburgh and said, "oh the heck with making a special entrance let's just get by tonight". I mean, since they went to HD, their entrancsets have completely lacked in the creative side. They use the same HD lighting every time, heck, even when their sets are different, they're so much the same now. What is up w the production team?

This has been done by design to give the company a uniform look for their events. It's that simple.

Did Nash slip off the ropes doing a 'skin the cat', it looked like they were setting up for him to roll back in and boom he was gone?

No, that was his planned elimination.

With the Royal Rumble come and gone a lot of people are talking about Daniel Bryan being excluded. I then began to think of another person they forgot to have in the Rumble?where was Jake the Snake? So they had JBL and Nash in the ring but couldn?t let Jake have his Royal Rumble moment? It could have been a feel good segment for the WWE and instead they went for the cheap laugh with the dumb bull character. So was there ever any real consideration to having Jake participate and if not then what was the point of bringing him back a couple of weeks before the Rumble?

There was never any real plans for Roberts to work The Rumble. I believe they gave him that moment on Old School Raw as something of a triumphant return to set the stage for his WWE Hall of Fame induction. They saw that as bigger than a quick appearance in the Rumble.

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