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By Mike Johnson on 2014-01-30 08:50:00
With the development of the story line at the end of Genesis last night what do you think the odds are that it leads to Sting v. Undertaker at Wrestlemania?

As we reported, Sting is currently in discussions with WWE. Whether he signs and whether that leads to him wrestling Taker at some point, we will see. My gut feeling is that he doesn't wrestle at Wrestlemania 30 though.

At the 1994 Royal Rumble after Yokozuna defeated the Undertaker in the Casket Match and placed him in the casket. Smoke started coming out of the casket followed by a video on the Titantron that showed the Undertaker inside the casket. After the Undertaker completed his speech on the screen he "rose" from the screen and into the rafters. How was this done? Was it a mannequin that they had rise from the screen or was it the Undertaker?

They had someone else dressed as Undertaker on the wires rising.

With constant talk amongst fans to have money in the bank return to Mania. And the slow burn storyline of breaking the Shield apart. What would you think of WWE pulling the trigger on the split and having a triple threat Money in the Bank between the 3 men at Mania this year? Any chance it happens?

No chance this happens. Money in the Bank is not slated for Wrestlemania.

I regards to the Royal Rumble and hiding surprise entrants from the talent, how do the talents know how to deal with these surprise entrants when in the ring? Meaning, how does everyone in the ring know how to interact/not interact with said entrant? It's not like only one wrestler is going to fight them the whole time. Several people would need to interact with them, as well as someone eliminating them. Any insight into how this works?

They are briefed right before the match.

I have been watching "Royal Rumble Surprise Entrants" all weekend, which got me to thinking. With the WWE Network, the WWE could bring back the 40 man Royal Rumble because they don't really (they still kind of do) worry so much about PPV buys anymore. This could give them the opportunity to bring back the surprise entrants while having more of their current roster in the match itself. That led me to think, if enough people purchase the Network every year, the WWE really doesn't have to "sell" PPVs anymore. They could put anything on any PPV with the exception of the ONE BIG MATCH. Thoughts?

It's possible, but the feeling within the company was that the 30 man format worked better, which is why they went back to that smaller bout.

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