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By Mike Johnson on 2014-01-29 15:33:58
Dave Scherer and I just completed a nearly two hour discussion on the Punk situation, the reaction from those within the company on both sides of the fence of this story, how this will change Wrestlemania, Daniel Bryan's place on the roster and much more that will go up shortly in the Elite section of the site. For details on subscribing, click here.

WWE stopped following CM Punk on Twitter this afternoon. Considering they follow a number of discarded characters (Dr. Shelby) and WWE NXT talents who have since been released, that should tell you all you need to know.

CM Punk has been the number one trend on Twitter for most of the day worldwide, so that should tell you what a big story the situation has become. WWE has yet to publicly acknowledge it.

In regard to the report that Batista was the reason Punk walked out, we are told by WWE sources that it was nothing to do with Batista personally and it wasn't him that caused the decision. It was more a collection of issues including burnout, injuries, a difference in what the company saw as a big push for Punk and what he felt was one (specifically working Triple H at Wrestlemania), and just an overall frustration with how he was perceived overall. It was not a case of Batista came in, so Punk walked out we are told.

UPDATE: The Punk Netflix streaming documentary was pulled a week ago, so it had nothing to do with Punk walking out on the company. The CM Punk "Best in the World" documentary has been pulled from Netflix streaming. Thanks to Jeffrey Everett.

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