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By Dave Scherer on 2014-01-28 09:59:00

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With AJ Styles walking away from TNA and returning to Ring Of Honor, and being to still be able to make a living by working Indies as well. Can you see CM Punk doing the same thing and going back to where he started, especially now that ROH is much bigger now then our was on 2005 when he left, assuming he does not re sign with WWE in July.

At this point, I think if Punk doesn't re-sign in July it won't be to go anywhere else, it will be to take some time off and heal his body. He has been going really hard for a decade now and if he chooses not to do a new deal, he will probably just chill for the rest of the year. After that, my guess is if he decides to work again, it would be for WWE, especially considering it would Mania time. Punk has made it to the top of the mountain, and made a lot of money in the process, so I just don't see him going back on the indies.

I think it's self-evident that regardless of how popular or talented a wrestler is in WWE, if they have backstage heat then they will be de-pushed. I was wondering then, if this is WWE's way of working, why did Vince McMahon allow Shawn Michaels to get away with so much stuff in the mid 1990s? His backstage antics have been well documented by various sources, and I have heard nothing positive about the man outside of the ring in that period. Yet despite refusing jobs, causing friction and getting into fights, he held numerous titles and was very much the face of the company. He didn't really draw significantly more as champion than the other stars they had, so why wasn't he punished on-screen like the wrestlers today are?

The easy answer is that Vince has always had a soft spot for Shawn. He always liked the guy.

I’m not sure what this person is talking about. Does he think the WWE Network will have to be accessed through the PS3 web browser? That will NOT be the case. There will most certainly be a WWE app. I use Netflix through my PS3 and it works really well. However, Netflix works better on my Apple TV. Speaking of Apple TV, any word from WWE on if/when WWE Network will be available on that platform?

I guess that is what he thought. I am not a gamer so I have no idea how those things work. Yes, all signs are WWE Network will be available on Apple TV.

I have a question regarding ROH. I recently started watching their TV online and I’m loving the in ring product. They leave something to be desired on the production side, but the wrestling is fantastic in my opinion. With a little money to ramp up the production quality I can’t see any reason why they couldn’t overtake TNA as the number two promotion in professional wrestling especially considering TNA’s recent struggles. Can you?

There product, for pure wrestling fans, is already better than TNA's. If they upped their production, it would be better aesthetically too. The only thing holding them back from becoming number two national is their television situation. Airing at different times on TV stations just isn't the same as having a national slot on a cable network. If they ever got a slot on a national cable outlet and beginning recording in HD, their product is so different from WWE that I think it would push TNA to number three because all that company is doing right now is presenting WWE Lite.

If you look back at 1998-2002 when tag team division wrestling was, as many say, the best era for the division tag titles changed hands frequently. Teams held the belt for 1 day (Rock and Sock) or 100+ (New Age Outlaws), it made for an exciting division where nobody knew the outcome. Do you think WWE's current concept of prolonged runs (last 5 runs have been 100+ days) brings prestige or does it make for a less exciting division with a lack of creativity. Personally I feel the latter.

Honestly, neither but if I had to choose I would rather see a team hold the belts for 100 days than 1.

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