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By Dave Scherer on 2014-01-27 09:59:00

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Does anyone tell Batista before he makes his "big return" that coming out dressed the way he was dressed makes him not look like "The Animal" and more like a douchebag? I mean, it's ok if he was coming out to be a heel like he was when he left? But, coming out as a babyface and, looking to give off the impression that he is still a ass-kicker, just looks goofy when your wearing womens jeans and a jacket that fits like an extra layer of skin..

I don't know that he looked like a douchebag but he certainly didn't look intimidating. He looked like he should have been smoking a cigarette and drinking wine at an outdoor cafe in France. So I agree, the look was not a good one.

Do you think it's a bad idea for WWE to even be toying with the idea of having Hogan induct Warrior into the Hall of Fame? I mean, with the always up & down relationship between Warrior and WWE, it's like an automatic slap in the face from the get-go to have Hogan do the induction because, unless Warrior has "worked" us, he has an extreme dislike for Hogan.. The things he said in that video a couple years ago about Hogan, and the things Hogan's said about him through the years make me believe that these 2 guys don't like each other.. I know business is business but, the Hall of Fame is different, it's your time as a legend to be remembered and honored for your accomplishments.. It would feel so "phony and contrived" if Hogan was to come out and induct Warrior.. I just don't put it past WWE to do something like this, because the way they handled Hogan's and Lawler's inductions.. Just seems like it would start this always rocky relationship between Warrior and WWE on an even rockier path.. Thoughts?

To me, if the three men (including Vince) go over everything in advance and agree to how it will be done, I don't see a problem. If they don't, well then Vince is insane.

If it were up to you, what would you do with Warrior at Wrestlemania? Would you a) have him stand and wave in street clothes with all the other hall of famers, b) introduce him with the hall of famers and then have him run down to the ring and shake the ropes in full gear and facepaint, c) have him run in and interrupt someone like Heath Slater and squash him, or d) interact with Hogan in the ring?

I would ask him what he wants to do first. If he only wanted to appear and wave, I would be fine with that. If he wanted to run down and do his entrance in his outfit, fine. I don't really need to see him squash Heath or interact with Hulk though.

Do you feel that with Money In The Bank no longer at Wrestlemania, there has been a void left on the card? I have read the reports on the scheduled matches, and they all seem to be 1 on 1 bouts. I feel Wrestlemania XXX NEEDS that multi-man match, and with the resurgence of the tag team division as of late, a 3 or 4 team Ladder match for the titles would be a perfect fit.

They still could do it but honestly I have grown to hate the MITB concept. WWE hasn't made enough younger talents to make the concept interesting to me any more. And having former champions get the briefcase is not the same as an up and comer getting his break. Until they can start building young guys up as being credible, the concept doesn't do much for me anymore, other than the actual match itself being a spectacle.

I've recently seen an answer saying that Sting wrestling with a shirt on is not style look for WWE. So what about Shane McMahon, the Dudley Boyz, etc. They were never seen without a shirt. Then what about Ric Flair, Dusty Rhodes, Big Daddy V, etc? There's quite a few WWE stars that should've worn shirts at all times. What is WWE's rationale for this?

It is not WWE's rationale, but mine. Sting is much older now and he has to wear a shirt because his physique is not what it was. The guys you mention were of different physiques. A big part of Sting's attraction to WWE back in the day was his look. He was in great shape and had the blonde buzz cut. That isn't the guy that wrestles today.

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