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By Dave Scherer on 2014-01-26 09:59:00

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TNA drew its highest audience in about a year for Genesis part two. How? I think the product has been terrible lately.

Well, people that are Nielsen homes turned on Spike from 9-11 p.m. I kid. Seriously, I have not enjoyed the product recently either. But the numbers are what they are. It could be that they are connecting with people and the numbers are rising. It could be that people watched to see what could be "Sting's last match". Or, as I noticed on the chart we post, they did very good numbers this time last year too, even breaking 1.6 million viewers. So, it could be that with more people inside due to the cold weather more gave Impact a chance. To me, if it keeps up for a month or two, then it's the former. We shall see.

So let's say WWE signs a big TV deal with NBC and they agree to create a Hall Of Fame with shop and/or restaurant at Universal Studios. Where does that leave TNA? I can't imagine WWE would be happy with another promotion taping their shows at the same theme park where they have agreed to put a HOF. Could WWE insist on an exclusivity deal?

If that happens I don't see them working with TNA too. WWE would want exclusivity.

I believe Antonio Cesaro is destined for great things, but also think Jack Swagger and the Real Americans gimmick is holding him back. Do you think he needs to break away and go it alone in order to reach the next level?

I think being in a tag team, per se, is holding him back. I don't blame Swagger, I am just saying that you don't know what you have in a guy as a single until you push him as one. I definitely think he has what it takes to be a strong singles wrestler.

CM Punk stated in a recent interview that he still doesn't know what will happen with PPV bonuses etc., now that the Network is moving ahead. My question is how can the WWE management keep the wrestlers in the dark about this subject for so long? This is obviously very important to the wrestlers and I'm sure they are constantly on management's case about it.

Because they are the bosses and honestly, the bonuses are completely arbitrary anyway. There is no set formula in place. Bonuses are given at the discretion of management.

How can it be said that TNA is ignoring their own storyline by allowing Sting to Challenge Magnus for their World Title? Magnus specifically brought up the loss to Bully Ray and only relented on condition that Sting put his contract on the line. Seriously, they honoured the storyline especially by wrestling standards. TNA did a lot of weird things with Genesis (Dixie Carter opening both nights was terrible) but this followed up both the Bully Ray and A.J Styles storylines. Also, why doesn't anybody at the site seem to think that Sting can hang with Undertaker? It's not like he was much better 15 years ago, he still has pretty much the same move set and he did just as good with Magnus as most do, with Undertaker he'd be in with a consummate pro. Angle vs Roode was awesome too!!!

I agree, Magnus did address giving Sting the shot on Impact. As for Sting, he will be 55 years old at the time of Mania and that is old. He is great shape for his age, but he is old now. He also has a bald spot and wrestles with a shirt on, for a reason. That isn't a WWE style look. Plus Taker's matches tend to be really physical and that isn't Sting's forte. It is not a shot at Sting, just speaking the truth.

You can send us questions for the Q&A by clicking here.

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