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By Andru Edwards on 2014-01-25 01:19:29

After doing the WWE Network Talk audio last week with Mike where I went over all of the various devices that you can use to access the WWE Network live programming and catalogue vault, I went over why you should use the Apple TV if you own a Mac, iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch. I explained that, with any of these devices, you can use AirPlay, allowing you to watch all the Network content while using your device as your remote control. Super easy, and it's the way that UFC Fight Pass supports Apple TV.

Well, it turns out that I missed one tiny portion of the presentation in Las Vegas where WWE executive Michelle Wilson mentioned that the Network would launch on "a connected device that I'm not allowed to mention at this press conference", to which one reporter in the crowd held up one of the Apple TVs that were left under the seats of the journalists. Michelle's response? "You got the joke, I love it." Obviously, WWE wouldn't have wrapped the Apple TV in their branding if it wouldn't be a supported platform.

Head on over to Gear Live to see the WWE Network Apple TV, and to see the portion of the presentation I am referring to, so you can see for yourself. What hasn't been confirmed is if the WWE Network channel will be available on Apple TV at launch, or soon after (like Xbox One and Smart TV platforms.) Apple is set to release an overhauled Apple TV with refreshed iOS 7-style UI, which is being kept under wraps until it's officially unveiled by the company, which is likely why the WWE couldn't say much about it.

By the way, feel free to continue sending me your questions about accessing the WWE Network. I'm happy to answer anything that'll help you choose what to buy, or how to set something up, so that when February 24th arrives, you're ready to roll. You can find me on Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube.

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