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By Mike Johnson on 2014-01-24 10:00:00

If Kharma hadn't gotten pregnant, do you think she would still be with the WWE now and would she be in a prominent role?

You can never say with 100% certainty but the idea of Kharma vs. AJ Lee sure would have been fun to watch. My guess is she would have been a force in the company. They were just getting started with her when she needed to step out of the ring.

Why doesn't WWE just allow guys, who aren't necessarily involved in a story line to just go out and wrestle. Not every match has to be a backdrop to a story or a part of a story. This would allow them to utilize guys instead of having them off TV because "creative has nothing for them" and it would also give the fans more wrestling on the shows.

I think there's far more high quality wrestling on WWE TV right now than there has been in many years. WWE just doesn't always showcase that as they are concerned about pushing different storyline aspects of the company.

I recently saw the movie 'You're Next' and one of the killers was wearing a sheep mask very similar to the one that Erick Rowan wears. Is it purely coincidental or did they got the idea from there. Also, assuming they don't know, do you think they would not have used it had they known.

I have never heard there was a connection between the two, but I wouldn't be surprised if the mask was inspired by the film.

Love the site, been reading since the heyday of the old site. On Raw last week, one of the "Did You Know" spots claimed that the WWE Network will show every WWE, WCW, and ECW PPV. Does this mean that they will show the stuff that they tend to cut out nowadays, such as anything having to do with Chris Benoit? What about the 1999 Over The Edge PPV? I thought they said out of respect to Owen Hart they would never show that one again.

The Benoit material will be included in the complete PPVs but not in any newly created content. The Over the Edge 1999 PPV is an interesting one and one we haven't gotten a clear answer on yet. It's just as possible they will skip that show as they would use it and edit out all references to Owen Hart. There's no easy or right answer to that one.

I don't watch much of TNA as of late because it feels like they are constantly dropping the ball. But I just read on your site that Sting will be facing Magnus in a Contract vs Title match? Didn't Sting already lose to Bully in a title match with a stipulation where if Sting lost, he would never be able to go after the title again? This is something I would expect WWE to do, but TNA trying to ignore their own story line, that isn't even a year old, is just beyond me.

Yes, they are totally ignoring their own storyline. That's what happens when you change creative teams over and over.  They did make a note that Sting can't get the title shot and had Magnus challenge him for a title shot vs. his TNA contract, so they did mention it, but the reality is that when someone new is in charge of the creative process, they usually don't worry about what came before.  They worry about their current vision.

Do you feel that if WWE wants it's movie studio to be taken seriously and make more money than it does that it needs to be renamed from WWE Studios? It seems like they're starting to make the right sort of partnerships in order for it to succeed but even changing it to VKM Studios would probably allow it, more credibility than it currently receives and ultimately further growth as a studio. Thoughts?

I used to feel the exact same way but given the response to the WWE Network, I'd milk the brand name for all it's worth. There is a belief that WWE took a big step towards legitimate credibility with the Network move.

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