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By Mike Johnson on 2014-01-23 10:00:00

Why were the Wolves not referred to as the American Wolves? Does someone else own the rights to the name?

No one owns the rights for The American Wolves but since the team could claim they used it prior to TNA if and when they leave, TNA will use simply "The Wolves" so they can trademark and brand the team as their own.

It was reported that TNA Knockout star Brooke Tessmacher was not taking part in the TNA overseas tour. If true was any reason given? What's the latest on such a foolish oversight?

I haven't heard any real reason, but TNA has been known to make decisions that seem dumb on the surface. This would certainly fall into that category in my opinion as Tessmacher has been one of the hardest working, sexiest, most improved females in the business the last few years.

Why did Taryn Terrell disappear?

Terrell is expecting her first child, so it's not like it would be healthy to be taking bumps. Madison Rayne returned after the birth of her first child, so it's entirely possible that Terrell may down the line as well.

Is there anything we can do to encourage WWE to put Ivan Koloff in the hall of fame? Few, if any, living wrestlers deserve it more than the Russian Bear.

You could certainly email or Tweet them, but my gut is that they are well aware of Koloff and will eventually honor him. I wouldn't be shocked if he gets honored this year, although I haven't heard any plans of that nature. It certainly seems like Bruno Sammartino inducting Koloff would be the perfect fit, though.

Whether Vince wants to admit it or not, the WWE fans are enamored with Daniel Bryan. That said, Batista returned last night and the crowd seemed slightly underwhelmed. Do you think that might have to do with fans worry that Batista and not Daniel Bryan will be main eventing WM30?

No, I think it was just that the crowd in Dayton was excited to see Batista but when he got out there, nothing really happened...and they were far more excited to see Bryan.


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