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By Dave Scherer on 2014-01-21 09:59:00

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If Sting ends up leaving and going to WWE for the dream match with Undertaker at Wrestlemania does that help the WWE make money with the Network or really hurt the WWE because they will lose the extra PVP buys they would have gotten from those old-time fans that would have paid full price for the PPV but now will get it for $9.99 with the Network?

I don't see Sting going at this point in his career. Even though he looks good for his age, he has a bald spot now and wrestles with a shirt on for a reason. He has had numerous opportunities to go to WWE and never has. And honestly, I don't know that at this point he can hang with Undertaker. But if he were to go there and if he were to work Taker, WWE would love that. They are LOOKING to bring lapsed fans back as part of their overall strategy. They would hope that with the six month commitment that they get from those that buy the Network for Mania, they can make long-term customers out of them.

When Paul Bearer/Percy Pringle is eventually inducted into the hall of fame, do you think the Undertaker will, for the first time, break character and appear at the ceremony to induct him or do you think it will be someone like Kane or someone else Bearer was close to?

I honestly don't know. I would would fine if he did, but if he chose not to, I would be fine with that too. If Taker doesn't do it, Kane should. And, it should happen this year in New Orleans.

So with everybody wanting Piper and Hogan involved in Wrestlemania XXX how does this sound, CM Punk wins the Rumble, Cena wins the title at the Rumble, Punk turns heel tired of Cena being champ yet again, then you bring in a heel Piper and a face Hogan, have them ringside Piper supporting Punk and Hogan supporting Cena, that way we dont have to see them wrestle and they are still a part of the main event.

I don't want to see Punk turn heel again. I like him as the edgy babyface so I would veto that. I honestly think that if Piper and Hogan can go, they should be in matches (with partners of course). That would be more of a draw than having them as seconds.

What do you think the chances are that AJ Styles makes a surprise entry at the Royal Rumble?

Less than 1% chance of it happening.

Is it just me or is TNA copying WWE too much recently? Firstly with Dixie being the "Authority" of TNA then they have a title unification match similar to WWE and the fact that their women's champ has a bodyguard similar to AJ Lee with Tamina

You forgot booking the big, tall heel champion as a coward that will take help from anyone to win. Yep, you can definitely see them copying WWE's storylines, for sure.

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