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By Stuart Carapola on 2014-01-16 22:56:36
Welcome to's live coverage of the Genesis 2014 edition of Impact Wrestling!

Mike Tenay and Taz open the show by announcing that tonight's episode is dedicated to the meory of Mae Young, and Taz talks briefly about how lucky he was to know Mae during his career.

We go to a video package of the events that led to last week's unification match where Brutus Magnus defeated AJ Styles to become the undisputed TNA World Champion, then we go to the ring where Spud asks the crowd to show some decorum as he presents the most momentous night in the history of the business. He says the fans should be thankful since nothing momentous ever happens in Huntsville, and now he'd like to introduce the woman who promised she'd bring the TNA World Title home, which she did, his queen and ours, Madame Dixie Carter! Dixie comes out to her usual reaction and says we've now seen what happens when you cross the boss. That was Vince McMahon's line! She says first it was Jeff Hardy, then AJ Styles, and asks who will be next. She warned AJ not to mess with her because she's the law in her company, and she asked him several times to play the game, but the lonely redneck in him needed to rear its head every time and disrespect her, and where did that get him? Back to the beginning of his career? She says his story is over, and now we start a new chapter in this company. The crowd chants "we want AJ" and she says she hears them chanting for a new chapter, and now she wants to introduce the man who represents the new chapter, the man she wants representing her company, the undisputed (it feels good to say that, so she says undisputed again) TNA World Champion: Magnus!

Magnus comes out to the ring with both belts and, as the fans chant "you sold out" at him, he says they left old business in the rearview mirror, and it's the beginning of the Reign of Magnus Era! He's wearing two title belts and he thinks it's a bit obnoxious, but there is a reason for it. He asks Dixie to come on over so he can tell her to look around and realize that all this is because of her, and she is a champion to him and everyone in the business around the world. He presents her with one of the belts because she deserves it so much, and Dixie is proud to have it, but Magnus is the real World Champion to her and all the people, but before we continue, she wants to bring out the people who showed such tremendous support for their company. All the folks who beat up AJ's friends last week come out to join Dixie and the champ, and Dixie hands Spud her belt and tells him not to get used to it because it's hers, and she says they all did their duty last week, especially Bobby Roode, and they'll all get her appreciation in their paychecks. And tonight is Genesis, the genesis of a new TNA, and this is also the genesis of Dixie Carter's TNA. For that to happen, they all need to stand tall as a company, and this is their first chance to do that in TNA, and the first man who will do that is her nephew: Ethan Carter III!

EC3 comes out, but before he has a chance to talk, Sting's music hits and he's standing in the crowd pointing his bat at the ring. We'll see what happens when we come back from commercial!

We're back and Sting is in the ring asking if the payoff was worth it, because there is a locker room full of people who couldn't be bought for all the money in the world. He had no idea Dixie could stoop low enough to putting hits out on people like a mob boss, and it's dumb enough to mess with wrestlers, but messing with their families like she did with Angle is too much. Now she has a paper champion standing next to her, a guy who has never earned anything in this business, and they brought him into the Main Event Mafia because they thought he was the future of the business, and they had no idea he would sell out and stab them in the back like he did. TNA is a house divided, and a house divided cannot stand, so before the house comes tumbling down, WE are going to fight tonight. Dixie asks who WE is because she can only see him standing there, but Sting says to take a look around the building because they're going to fight. The babyfaces that all got taken out last week come down the ramp and start brawling with Dixie's crew. Everyone spills out to the floor except Sting and EC3, and Sting backs EC3 to the corner with his bat, says something to him, then jabs him in the ribs with the bat as we go back to commercial.

We're back and now the babyfaces are in the ring, Samoa Joe gets a mic and says they came to Huntsville to get in a fight, and they're not leaving until they get one. Spud tells Joe to be careful what he wishes for because he just might get it, and he says that the six men in the ring will face the six members of Dixie's crew on the ramp, and he tells the referee to ring the bell right now.

Samoa Joe, Gunner, Joseph Park, Eric Young, & ODB vs The Bromans, Zema Ion, Bad Influence & Lei'D Tapa

Everyone starts brawling on the floor until Joe brings Ion into the ring and steamrolls over him. They head outside as ODB and Tapa come in and go at it, then they go out and it's Daniels and Storm's turn. Storm clotheslines Daniels out to the floor as Tenay mentions that this is the location of the first ever TNA show, and that Storm was on that show. Gunner and Kazarian are next and Gunner press slams Kazarian to the floor, then it's Robbie E and Eric Young, then Park and Jessie. Park splashes Jessie and Young goes up top for the flying elbowdrop, but Robbie shoves him off the top rope and then comes in to hit a double team flapjack for 2. Ion comes in and goes at it with ODB, who plants Ion with a fallaway slam, then gets knocked out of her boots by a Pounce from Tapa. Young winds up in trouble for a moment or two, but gets away and tags in Joe, who goes on the rampage as he tears through Dixie's team, then takes them all out with a dive through the ropes. Park sets up to do a dive of his own, but Kazarian stops him with a dropkick to the face...but he split Park's lip and it's BLEEDING. Park goes all Abyss and tears through the entire heel team, then takes out his own partners as well before going outside to go after Ion. Daniels and Joe go at it in the ring, Joe hits Daniels with an STJoe, gets the Kokina Clutch, and forces Daniels to tap out.

Winners: Samoa Joe, Gunner, James Storm, Joseph Park, Eric Young & ODB

Velvet Sky is backstage telling Austin Aries that she knows what he's saying and he makes some good points, but she doesn't know what she's going to do. Aries says to just think about it and thanks her for the nice things she said on the back of the trading card, then walks off as Chris Sabin shows up. He asks what that was all about, and Velvet says she doesn't want to talk about it now in front of all these people (indicating the folks milling around backstage), and Sabin says that instead, they should do it in front of the world in the ring. Well, there's a mental image for you!

Kurt Angle is just showing up and is banging on every door he sees looking for Dixie Carter. He asks the hapless cameraman if he's seen Dixie, then tells him to get out of his way and walks off.

Chris Sabin and Velvet Sky are in the ring and Sabin says that she's being very selfish because he's the X Division Champion, not just for him, but for US, and now she wants to have secret meetings with Austin Aries. He wants to know what's up with her, but he is interrupted by Austin Aries, who says Sabin is awful proud with his X Division Title over his shoulder, but he has another title for Sabin: worst boyfriend who ever lived. Sabin doesn't have to worry about him stealing his girlfriend, although he is a vegan, but he would make an exception for some pigeon pie. Sabin says he's not going to steal her because she is and she proves it by doing exactly what he tells her to do. Aries says he uses her as a pawn, and he told ver that she's not a pawn, and that she needs to be exactly what the people know she is: and extremely hot piece of-Sabin cuts him off and tells him to watch his mouth. Aries says they can settle this if Sabin puts the title on the line against him next week and take Velvet out of the equation because he doesn't think Sabin can beat him without her help. Aries ups the ante and says that they can make sure she's out of the equation by being in a cage at ringside, and Sabin starts to say there's no way she'll be in a cage, but Velvet snatches the mic out of his hands and says she'll do it. Velvet says she wants a man who supports her, not blames her, and this will give him the chance to prove what kind of relationship they have since she's refusing to do his dirty work. She adds that if he doesn't come home with the title, she might just need to find someone else to spend her time with, then she walks off.

Pat Kenney is backstage telling some guy to film everything he sees, then sees Sam Shaw show up, and he says he liked his match a couple of weeks ago, he liked his intensity, but to ease up on the Christy thing with the staring at her. Sam says okay, then attack Kenney from behind, beats him down, then takes his shoe off and starts beating him with that as well, throws the shoe at Kenney, and tells him it's SAMUEL Shaw.

EC3 is backstage looking at himself in the mirror and convincing himself that he's a Carter and he can beat Sting. Magnus comes in and says he sees a rookie who doubts himself, but he can believe in himself and rise to the top of the industry all by himself, just like he did with AJ last week. Carter says this isn't AJ, this is the Icon, Sting. Magnus tells Ethan that he knows all bout Sting because he beat him, by submission, in the middle of the ring, and he's a Carter and he knows he can do it.

Bully Ray comes to the ring for his No DQ match when Ken Anderson runs out of the locker room and attacks him. We're going to commercial, and the No DQ match is next!

No DQ Match: Bully Ray vs Ken Anderson

Bully is beating on Anderson at ringside as we come back from commercial, but Anderson turns the tables and rolls Bubba into the ring, and the bell rings to officially start the match. They trade blows and wipe each other out with a double clothesline as Taz congratulates Anderson on the birth of his twins, and they both go out to the floor and grab chairs, then start chair fencing until Anderson gets Bubba with a short chair jab to the ribs and then smashes the chair over his back. Anderson takes a run at Bubba and gets speared, and Bubba gets his chain out and starts whipping Anderson with it. He drops an elbow on Anderson and covers for 2, then gets into a shouting match with referee Earl Hebner. Bubba wasted too much time, and he turns around and walks right into a chairshot to the skull by Anderson, who covers and gets a close 2. Bubba rolls out to the floor, so Anderson goes out after him and drags a piece of guardrail out from under the ring. He brings it inside as Bubba pulls himself back in and slumps in the corner, and he charges at Bubba, but Bubba gets the boot up and kicks the barricade right into Anderson's face. Bubba slams Anderson onto the guardrail and goes for a splash, but Anderson moves out of the way and Bubba gets a mouthful of rail. Anderson goes to the top and goes for a swanton, but Bubba moves out of the way and now Anderson crashes onto the guardrail. Anderson hits the Mic Check onto the rail, but Bubba somehow kicks out at 2, so Anderson listens to the fans who are chanting "get the tables" and grabs one from under the ring. Anderson sets the table up in the corner as Bubba goes to the second rope, and Anderson punches him in the ding ding and gives him a Finlay Roll through the table. Anderson makes a cover, but Bubba somehow kicks out at 2, so Anderson gets another table out from under the ring, sets it up, but gets caught by a Rock Bottom from Bubba, who covers him for 2. Bubba gets his lighter fluid from under the ring, tells Anderson this is for his wife and two bastard children, and is promptly caught with a Mic Check from Anderson. Now Anderson has the lighter fluid and starts spraying it all over the table, and I think we know what happens next. Indeed, Anderson has a lighter, but Bubba low blows and piledrives him, and makes a cover for the win.

Winner: Bully Ray

That was a hell of a brawl, but shame on them for teasing the flaming table and not following through!

Kurt Angle walks into catering, flips over the table Al Snow is sitting at, and shoves him into the wall to ask him what the hell happened last week and who told him to do it. Snow won't talk, so Angle knocks him out and storms off.

Kurt Angle comes out to the ring and wants Dixie Carter to know she's the reason he came to TNA seven years ago, but he wants to talk about what happened last week. She messed with him, but went too far by involving his family, so he wants "boss" to come out and give him some answers, and he's not going anywhere until she does. Dixie comes out to the ring and tells Kurt that he has to realize that things are changing, and it's not seven years ago. Angle says he knows because the Dixie Carter he knows is a good woman, but she's not here anymore. Dixie says she faked an emergency with his family to protect him because he would have made a decision he regretted, and she wanted to protect him from himself. Angle tells Dixie that she's twisted, warped, and out of her mind, and if she wants to screw AJ Styles that badly and take out half the locker room while pretending there's something wrong with his family, what that says about her. Dixie says he needs her looking out for him because if he got involved and got hurt, he wouldn't be able to make her any money. She doesn't want him to be like AJ Styles, Jeff Hardy, and the other people who don't stand by her side. She did what was best for him because he's not too bright, and she always looks out for people on her team. Angle says he's not on her team, and after he kicks Bobby Roode's ass in the cage match tonight, he'll be out here supporting Sting during the main event. Dixie can't let him in the ring in this mental state, so she's postponing the cage match until next week, and if Angle or anyone else decides to get in the ring during the main event, there will be consequences that could cost someone a job. Angle says this goes well beyond his job, and if she wants to fire him, then go ahead and fire him, because he's going to do what's right. Dixie says here we go again, she needs to protect him from himself again, and has Atlas Security eject Angle because he's not thinking. Angle is so fixated on yelling at Dixie that he doesn't see Bobby Roode run in and nail him with a Northern Lariat before planting him with the Roode Bomb (aka the Attitude Adjustment). Dixie tells Atlas to please escort Kurt out of the building, and they drag his motionless body out of the ring and carry him to the back.

Jeremy Borash is backstage with Madison Rayne, who says she's been waiting well over a year for this, but Lei'D Tapa comes in to menace her. Madison asks if she's supposed to be afraid of her, but Gail Kim blindsides her and says no, she should be afraid of her. Gail unloads on her with a few kicks, then says "See you out there...BFF."

Earl Hebner is backstage getting chewed out by Dixie Carter, and walks off to referee the main event. Dixie informs him that he's not refereeing the match tonight, and Earl says he's the senior referee and asks who is going to, and Dixie tells him not to worry about it and to take the night off.

Knockouts Title Match: Gail Kim vs Madison Rayne

Madison is still clutching her ribs from the backstage attack, and Gail goes right after them, then nails Madison with a clothesline for 2. Gail goes for a slam, but Madison shifts her weight and comes down on top of Gail for 2, then gets a victory rolls for 2 before giving Gail the scissor stomp into the mat. Gail blocks Madison's neckbreaker over the knee and ziplines her into the middle turnbuckle before unloading with more kicks to the ribs. Madison fires back, but goes down after catching another kick to the ribs. Gail gets Madison in a headscissors, but Madison makes it to the ropes, so Gail goes back to work on the ribs. Madison suddenly surprises Gail with a backdrop to the apron and shoulderblocks her to the floor, she goes out and rolls Gail back in, but Tapa grabs Madison and lifts her into the air by the throat and starts shaking her. The referee sees Tapa doing this and ejects her from ringside, but Gail quickly drags Madison to the corner and does the figure four around the ringpost. She releases just before the five count, charges Madison, and gets flapjacked. Madison hits the neckbreaker over the knee and covers for 3 to regain the Knockouts Title.

Winner: Madison Rayne

Madison is now the Knockouts Champion for the fifth time, but no time to celebrate, because Sting faces EC3...NEXT!

Jeremy Borash is backstage with Sting, who tells his buddies not to put themselves in the line of fire, because it's all about him getting his hands on EC3 tonight.

Dixie Carter is backstage with the American Wolves and says she's excited to have them here because she knows what kind of a following they have, and she's looking forward to their tryout match next week. Davey Richards says he thinks they're past the tryout phase, and Eddie Edwards says they signed their TNA contracts this morning. Dixie asks what they mean, and Davey hands over an envelope and says that should explain everything. Dixie opens the envelope and reads something about a new investor, andshe gets right on the phone to find out about that. Wait, shouldn't she know all about anyone investing in TNA since she owns the damn company? This would have never gotten by Vince.

IT'S MAIN EVENT TIME! Sting and EC3 come out to the ring, and then we're introduced to our special referee...Rockstar Spud!

Ethan Carter III vs Sting

The fans chant "your'e a douchebag" at Spud as Sting and EC3 lock up, and Spud breaks it up and tells Sting that he'll DQ him if he pulls the hair again. Sting gets EC3 in the corner again and goes for a right hand, but Spud catches his arm and allows EC3 to nail him and hit a snap suplex. Sting fires back and knocks EC3 out to the floor, then rams him face first into the ring steps, does it again, and then suplexes him onto the ramp. Sting rolls EC3 back into the ring and goes for the Stinger Splash, but Spud jumps in front of him and allows EC3 to nail Sting again and stomp him down in the corner. Carter charges in and nails Sting with a corner clothesline and hits a back suplex, then goes to the second rope and misses an elbowdrop. Sting starts running Carter over with clotheslines and hits the Stinger Splash, then gets for the Scorpion Deathlock. Carter is on the verge of tapping when Spud blatantly jumps on Sting's back and forces him to break the hold. Sting spins around and nails Carter with Spud's legs, shakes Spud free, and hits the Scorpion Deathdrop. Carter is out as Sting makes a cover and Spud refuses to count, so Sting tabs his hand and starts slapping his hand to the mat, but only gets to 2 when Brutus Magnus runs down to ringside and stops that cold. Magnus reveals that he's also wearing a referee shirt, and Carter rolls Sting up and Magnus quickly slides into the ring to count 3.

Winner: Ethan Carter III

Way to get the young guy over by making him look like he can't hang with a 55 year old guy. Sting gets a microphone and tells Magnus he wants to fight him, and Magnus begins making his way to ringside as we go to commercial.

We're back and Sting is telilng Magnus that he picked him to be in the Main Event Mafia, and he paid him back by spitting his face, screwing AJ Styles, screwing the fans, and he's a cancer that needs to be cut out, and he wants Magnus to give him just one shot at the World Title. Magnus says it's always about one more shot, but one more is one too many. Sting lost the right to compete for the title ever again at Slammiversary, and he says he owes Sting nothing. Sting asks Magnus if he wants to be the King of the Jungle, his own man, and say he did something by himself and actually earn the TNA World Title. Sting says men are championds and bohys wear belts, so he wants to know if Magnus will be a man, or just a little boy? Magnus knows what Sting's trying to do and won't play his game, but he knows that Dixie is considering extending his TNA contract again and suggests upping the ante. If Sting wins, he becomes the TNA World Champion, but if Magnus wins, he tears Sting's contract to shreds and he's done. Sting accepts that, and Magnus says that's great because he can't wait to tear up his contract, his career, and his life right in front of his stupid, painted face.

Next week at Genesis Night Two: Kurt Angle faces Bobby Roode in the blowoff to their long standing war, Chris Sabin challenges Austin Ariesfor the X Division Title, Gunner puts his TNA world Title shot on the line against James Storm, and more!

Thanks for reading's live coverage of TNA Genesis: Part One, I'll be back tomorrow to discuss Impact and more with Dave Scherer on the Stu & Pid Show!

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