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By Mike Johnson on 2014-01-15 04:39:14
The following is reprinted from our 2008 WWE Hall of Fame induction ceremony coverage:


Mean Gene Okerlund introduced a video package on Mae Young.

Gene then introduced Pat Patterson to induct Mae into the Hall Of Fame.

Pat said he had a lot of stories to tell tonight, but he was told to "cut it down", which got some boos. Pat pulled out a small piece of paper, but then read off a bar order and said it came from the previous night's party.

Pat said that Mae Young loves the business, and wants to wrestle a match when she turns 100. Pat talked about meeting Mae Young when he was 16, and couldn't speak much English. He was told by a promoter that he was going to be riding with Mae Young.

They were driving, and Mae told him he needs to smoke cigars if he wants to be a wrestler, so the two smoked cigars during the whole ride.

Patterson said he watched Mae wrestle that night, and decided he never wanted to wrestle her, because she beat the hell out of everyone in the match that night.

Patterson then told a story of how Mae, who lived across the street from him, showed up at his door one night in her underwear, a drink in her hand. She told Patterson that they were going to drink, and Patterson wondered what was wrong.

He asked her, but the drunk Mae just kept waving her arms at him. They fell asleep, but the next day, Mae was gone. When Patterson caught up with her, he asked what she was trying to say to him that night. Mae said I was trying to do this (obscene gesture) but I was too drunk to do it.

Patterson then noted that Mae has been wrestling for 65 years, a record that will never be broken.

Patterson then sang part of "My Way" and introduced Mae Young.

Mae Young was escorted out by Kelly Kelly. She was waving her arms and looked to be having a blast. Mae thanked her fans, and she said that she was the first female wrestling champion in Florida, and that she won it in Orlando.

Mae said she planned on sticking around for a few more years, and that she would have that match when she was 100.

Mae said that she wrestled as an amateur, and when she heard about the women's wrestling champion Mildred Burke coming to Tulsa, Oklahoma, she had her brother take her there so she could fight her. The promoter said "You've never had a match" and Mae said "But I can beat her".

Mae talked about her first wrestling training session, and how she would snatch her opponents (Elvira Snodgress and Gladys Gillam) and take her down in seconds.

Mae talked about going to Charlotte, North Carolina for training and meeting the Fabulous Moolah. She talked about working with Moolah, and how the business is so much better now.

Mae said she met Ed "Strangler" Lewis. Mae said that Lewis told her "I don't like girl wrestlers, women should be in the kitchen. But after seeing you, you belong in the ring."

Mae then talked about her love for the fans, saying she did it all for them, and that she would wrestle for them on her 100th birthday. Mae and Pat Patterson then started dancing, and Mae looked happier than anyone I think I've ever seen at one of these things.

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