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By Richard Trionfo on 2014-01-12 12:11:22
At Final Battle, Adam Cole was able to retain the World Title against Michael Elgin and Jay Briscoe with a little help from his friend(?) Matt Hardy. What is next for the World Champion? Is there a new Hero for Ring of Honor to take the title from Adam Cole?

We are in Nashville, Tennessee and your announcers are Kevin ‘Opryland’ Kelly, Steve ‘Welcome back to me’ Corino, and Prince Nana.

Kevin mentions that AJ Styles will be back in Ring of Honor in three weeks.

Match Number One: Raymond Rowe versus Kongo in a Top Prospect Tournament First Round Match

Kongo pushes Rowe and Rowe pushes back. They continue to push each other and then they exchange forearms and punches. Rowe tries for a shoulder tackle and Kongo stays on his feet. Kongo with a body block to Rowe. Kongo with an Irish whip but he misses a splash and Rowe with punches and chops. Rowe with a forearm that sends Kongo to the floor. Rowe punches and chops Kongo.

Rowe thinks about sending Kongo into the guardrails but Kongo punches Rowe and tries to send him into the ring post but Rowe sends Kongo into the post instead. Kongo with a suplex. Rowe with forearms but Kongo stays on his feet. Rowe with a German suplex for a near fall. Rowe with a knee and boot to the chest followed by a forearm.

Rowe floats over and then he connects with knees that send Kongo into the turnbuckles and Rowe gets a near fall. Rowe punches Kongo and kicks him. Kongo with a POUNCE that sends Rowe into the turnbuckles. Kongo with a running butt splash into the corner. Kongo climbs the turnbuckles for the splash but Rowe moves and Rowe picks up Kongo and hits a knee to the back of the neck for the three count.

Winner: Raymond Rowe

After the match, Michael Elgin makes his way to the ring and he confronts Kongo. Elgin with a back fist and he lift up Kongo for a power bomb.

We go to commercial.

We are back and Michael Elgin is still in the ring and he has something to say.

He says that what you just saw was a sign of what is to come. When you stand in this ring, you stand in his ring. December 14th was supposed to be the night that Michael Elgin finally became Ring of Honor World Champ. Just because Adam Cole walked out with the belt, it is not over. He hears Adam talking and it makes Michael think that Cole forgot what Elgin did in 2013. He had the best record in Ring of Honor. He had matches that people are still talking about.

Elgin says that Cole thinks that he is behind him. If that is true, he better have eyes in the back of his head because he still wants that belt and what Michael Elgin wants, he takes. He tells Cole to stop worrying about Jay Briscoe’s challenges, Chris Hero coming back to Ring of Honor, or AJ coming back into the company. Cole may think of them as challengers, but Elgin says that he sees them as three men who are standing in his way.

Chris Hero comes out and interrupts Elgin.

Hero says that the crowd is as happy to see him as he is to see them. He says that it has been a long time since he has been in Ring of Honor and Elgin has become the man. They both have the same goal. However, in Pittsburgh they have to coincide and not ruffle each other feathers and get in each other’s way. When that is done, it is every man for himself.

Kevin Steen’s music plays and he makes his way through the curtains.

Kevin takes a mic and he says that he is sorry to interrupt. He says that he couldn’t listen to them talking about title matches because he has never received a rematch from when he lost the title. Kevin says that Elgin has had an incredible year and he will continue to do incredible things. Michael cannot says that he is the most deserving of a title match until Kevin gets his rematch.

Chris Hero has not been here for two years. He already got a Hero’s Welcome, but he wants Chris to know if he is going to come out here and beat Kevin and say that Chris is Awesome. After they are done tonight, the only thing that Chris will be able to say is “Kevin Steen just kicked my ass . . . Oh No!!!”

We go to commercial.

We are back and Bill Daly comes out and he says that he will not compete in this tournament. He says that he suffered a high ankle strain and he has been advised to withdraw from the Top Prospect Tournament. He says that he is already the Top Prospect, he demands a World Television Title Match.

Corey’s hand is raised by the referee but Mike Posey, who is in his corner takes the mic and says that Corey does not want to win and advance in the tournament like that. No one knows Corey better than him. He tells Corey that he knows that he is a man of honor and a good sport. He wants Corey to prove to everyone that he deserves to move into the second round and beat him.

Match Number Two: Corey Hollis versus Mike Posey in a Top Prospect Tournament First Round Match

Posey with a wrist lock and take down and then he slaps Hollis in the back. Hollis with a waist lock take down and he slaps Posey in the head and then Hollis with a drop kick and pescado onto Posey. Posey runs Hollis into the guardrails and ring post. Posey with a slingshot leg drop for a near fall.

Posey sends Hollis shoulder first into the turnbuckles and he gets a near fall. Posey with a slam and he hits a series of snap leg drops and finishes with a split leg drop for a near fall. Posey with a key lock but Hollis escapes with an arm drag. Posey misses a move into the corner and he crotches himself.

Hollis with a reverse atomic drop and clotheslines followed by a drop kick. Hollis with a kick to the knee followed by a snap neck breaker for a near fall. Posey with a spinning butterfly suplex for a near fall. Posey with forearms and Hollis fires back with forearms of his own. Hollis with a discus clothesline to the back of the head for a near fall.

Hollis misses a spinning back fist and Posey with a neck breaker and he hits an Alabama Jam for a near fall. Posey slaps Hollis but Hollis with a spinning back elbow for the three count.

Winner: Corey Hollis

We go to commercial.

Match Number Three: Caprice Coleman versus Jay Lethal

They lock up and Coleman with a clean break but Lethal pushes Coleman and Coleman pushes back. They exchange wrist locks until Coleman with a hammer lock. Lethal with a reversal and then Lethal with an elbow and he hits a suicide dive. Lethal rolls Coleman back into the ring and he gets a near fall. Coleman with punches and Lethal with a hip toss and cartwheel into a drop kick for a near fall.

Lethal with a kick to the back of the head. Lethal with chops to Coleman but Coleman with a kick and then Lethal goes over the top rope to the floor when Coleman ducks. Lethal pulls Coleman to the floor and Coleman avoids going into the ring post. Lethal misses a super kick and Coleman with a super kick to Lethal.

Coleman with a back flip onto Lethal on the floor. Coleman rolls Lethal back into the ring and he gets a near fall. Coleman with punches. Lethal with a rana but he runs into a boot from Coleman. Coleman goes up top and he hits a leg lariat from the top and gets a near fall.

Coleman with a slam and he hits a senton but misses a springboard senton when he lands on Lethal’s knees. The referees starts his count and Lethal and Coleman exchange punches. Lethal with a back heel kick and he tries for Lethal Injection but Coleman blocks it and he hits three rolling Northern Lights suplexes and gets a near fall. Coleman misses a splash into the corner. Lethal with the Lethal Combination and then he points to the turnbuckles and he goes up top but Coleman with a leaping rana and an STO for a near fall. Coleman with a cravate but Lethal with punches. Coleman with punches but Lethal grabs Coleman. Coleman with an arm drag. Lethal with a super kick followed by Lethal Injection for the three count.

Winner: Jay Lethal

After the match, Jay Lethal gets on the mic and he tells Caprice that he has to apologize. He says that he underestimated him and almost lost the match and Caprice took him to his limit. He wishes Caprice on a bright future.

Jay says that the brand new Television Champion Tommaso Ciampa has made a challenge to him. Jay tells Tommaso that he feels like there is some unfinished business because he got hurt the last time they wrestled. As for the challenge, any time . . . anywhere. He accepts. Jay says that he will be out here next week to do commentary for Tommaso’s match against Silas Young and he wishes Tommaso luck.

We go to commercial.

Match Number Four: Chris Hero versus Kevin Steen

Steen goes to the apron to get into Hero’s head. They lock up and Steen with a waist lock but Hero with a standing switch into a cravate. Steen gets to the ropes and Hero breaks the hold. Hero with a wrist lock and Steen gets to the ropes. Steen tells Hero to say hello to his best friend, the top rope. Steen grabs the leg and he takes Hero to the mat. Hero with a front face lock and Steen gets to the ropes again.

They lock up and Hero with a side head lock. Steen blocks a take down twice. Hero with a shoulder tackle but Steen stays on his feet. Hero tries a second time and Steen does not go down. Hero tells Steen to go off the ropes for a shoulder tackle but Steen with a drop kick instead. Hero with a drop kick and back senton for a near fall. We go to commercial.

We are back and Steen with a cross face to Hero on the apron. Steen with a shoulder tackle to knock Hero off the apron. Steen goes to the floor and he connects with forearms. Steen with a slingshot senton and he gets a near fall. Hero with a kick but Steen with a forearm. Hero with a knee and Steen with a forearm.

Hero with a forearm and Steen with an elbow. Hero with chops and Steen with a forearm. Hero goes to the apron and he kicks Steen. Hero with a flying kick to the head. Hero with a running forearm into the corner. Hero blocks a kick from Steen and Hero with a boot of his own for a near fall. Hero tries for the roaring elbow to the back of the head but Steen escapes and he tries for the Package Piledriver but Hero escapes. Steen with an F-Cinq for a near fall. Steen with a swanton for a near fall. Steen pie faces Hero and Hero does the same and he gets a near fall. Hero runs into a Pop Up Power Bomb. Steen sets for the cannonball but Hero with a roaring elbow followed by a spinning boot to the head and Hero gets a near fall.

Hero is distracted by Jimmy Jacobs, BJ Whitmer, and Roderick Strong. Hero with a kick to Whitmer. Steen with a sleeper suplex for the three count.

Winner: Kevin Steen

After the match, someone attacks Kevin Steen at ringside and it is Cliff Compton.

We go to credits.

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