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By Mike Johnson on 2014-01-04 15:33:34
TNA will not be taping Impact Wrestling at Universal Studios Orlando anytime soon, has confirmed.

According to multiple sources, TNA will not be returning to any of Universal's sound-stages as they were unable to secure any dates for 2014 due to the sound-stages being booked out for other productions already.

TNA returned to Universal to tape a number of Impact Wrestling episodes at the end of last year. At the time, TNA's press releases presented Universal as being the "hub" of their Impact 365 social media campaign and noted that the company would have a training center in that market as well.

The Impact episodes taped at Universal Studios will conclude with this Thursday's edition of Impact. TNA will tape several episodes later this month in Huntsville, Alabama, including a live "Genesis" themed episode before heading to Europe at the end of the month for their annual tour, where they will tape a number of episodes as well.

From there, it appears Impact will be back on the road, unless the company is able to find a new regular home for the tapings, because as of now, Universal Studios won't be home base.

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