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By Mike Johnson on 2013-12-30 21:58:00
Irwin is at the TNA Oldschool PPV and sent along the following results for the show, which will be broadcast on PPV in 2014.

*Austin Aries defeated Chris Sabin and Sonjay Dutt in a good match in 8:50 minutes.

*Ethan Carter III defeated Dewey Barnes in under 2 minutes.

*In a good brawl, Bully Ray defeated Tommy Dreamer in 15 minutes with a swinging neckbreaker. Great brawl. The building reacted like it was the main event and to some, it probably was.

*Bad Influence & Velvet Sky defeated The Bro-Mans & Lei'd Tapa in 10:55. Eric Young was the guest referee.

*TNA champion Magnus defeated Samoa Joe in 14:39 after hitting him with the TNA title belt. Joe had Magnus pinned after a Muscle Buster but EC3 yanked the referee out of the ring. They will have to edit the ending as Carter apparently missed his cue and time stood still for a second.

*Kurt Angle defeated Mr. Anderson with the Olympic Slam in 12 minutes. OK, but nothing special.

*Bobby Roode defeated James Storm in 16:50 in a Last Man Standing match. Roode nailed a suplex across two chairs on a handcuffed Storm, then nailed him with a beer bottle.

*Jeff Hardy defeated Abyss in a Monster's Ball in 16:17 after nailing a swanton onto Abyss, who was trapped between two barbed wire board. Hardy took a backdrop on thumbtacks. Hardy was bleeding hardway from the side of his head. Some sick spots.

Overall, a good show.

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