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By Mike Johnson on 2013-12-29 20:48:28

Important Note from Mike: This post originally identified Doug Getz as Doug Lebow, another long-time WWE exec and production team member. I deeply regret that error and sincerely apologize.


Doug Getz, who worked for World Wrestling Entertainment as a Technical Director for over 20 years, passed away suddenly yesterday.

Word began making its way around the company at today's Smackdown taping, which Getz was scheduled to work production on.

I was told that it's a pretty sad taping behind the scenes as Getz was extremely well liked within the company and obviously there's a big hole with his sudden passing.

Getz was one of those production staffers who was always there and always did a great job for the company, every week. He worked all aspects of WWE production for Raw, Smackdown and NXT and often handled a lot of the actual direction for Smackdown broadcasts. A lot of people who work and worked for WWE were really upset when word made the rounds about his passing.  His importance to the production team cannot be understated.

On behalf of everyone at, we'd like to express our deepest condolences to Doug Getz's friends and family.

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