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By Bobby Broadway & Matthew Sussman on 2013-12-29 21:57:26
TNA is taping their 2014 One Night Only: Hardcore Justice PPV in Lowell, MA at the Memorial Auditorium. Bobby Broadway and Matthew Sussman are in attendance and sent along the following:

*Bobby Roode defeated Samoa Joe via DQ in a match that would determine what team has the advantage in Lethal Lockdown. Roode pretended he had been hit with a trash can to cause the DQ.

*There was a promo with TNA Tag Team champions the Bro Mans with Dewey.

*Ethan Carter III defeated Tommy Dreamer in a Tables Match. Carter got lots of heat. Dreamer looked older but was really over and did everything the crowd would expect from him.

*Joseph Park and Eric Young defeated Bad Influence in a Full Metal Mayhem match. Young dropped an elbow off the ladder on Chris Daniels for the pin.

*Bully Ray defeated Mr. Anderson in a Stretcher Match, which turned into something of a Last Man Standing bout.

*Lei'd Tapa defeated Velvet Sky in a Street Fight.

*In an X-Division Escape match, Austin Aries defeated Chris Sabin.

*In a Lethal Lockdown match, Team Angle (Kurt Angle & Abyss & Samoa Joe & James Storm) defeated Team Roode (Bobby Roode & Bromans & Magnus) after Abyss gave Robbie E. a Black Hole Slam on a barbed wire board.

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