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By Richard Trionfo on 2013-12-28 23:30:21
This is the last weekend of 2013 so it is time to take a look back at the last year from Ring of Honor.

Your host is Larry Mercer.

One of the things that stood out in 2013 was the battle between SCUM and Ring of Honor. SCUM was formed in 2012 when Kevin Steen won the title against Davey Richards.

We take a look at the attack by the members of SCUM at the 11th Anniversary Show after Kevin Steen’s successful title defense and the revelation of the new members of the group. The Ring of Honor locker room joined forces to take on SCUM.

There was some tension in SCUM because Kevin Steen had issues with Matt Hardy being a part of the group. That meant the end of Kevin Steen in SCUM and he became a man without a country because Ring of Honor was not sure if they could trust him.

This led to Steel Cage Warfare for control of the company and the future of SCUM on July 27th.

Jay Lethal, BJ Whitmer, Michael Elgin, and Kevin Steen faced Matt Hardy, Rhett Titus, Cliff Compton, and Jimmy Jacobs inside the cage and at the end of the match, SCUM was gone from Ring of Honor.

We go to commercial.

We are back with a video package about the Tag Team Division. We see the night that Forever Hooligans defeated reDRagon to become the World Tag Team Champions. Then the American Wolves won the Tag Titles. O’Reilly and Fish got the titles back in New York City.

Larry welcomes us back and he says that Ring of Honor has the best tag team wrestling on the planet. The current champions reDRagon are a perfect example. We take a look back at footage from the 11th Anniversary Show when Fish and O’Reilly defeated the Briscoes to become the World Tag Team Champions.

We go to commercial.

We are back you cannot talk about Ring of Honor in 2013 without discussing the Hoopla. Matt Taven became the longest reigning Television Champion. Matt won the Top Prospect Tournament and got Truth Martini to manage him. Truth helped Matt win the tournament.

We take a look at footage from the finals of the Top Prospect Tournament from February 23rd when Matt Taven faced Tadarius Thomas.

We go to commercial.

We are back and we are reminded of the situation surrounding the Ring of Honor World Title and Nigel McGuinness’ decision to strip Jay Briscoe of the World Title.

The finals between Michael Elgin and Adam Cole was almost the match of the year as voted on by the Ring of Honor fans. However, since we go back to December 2012 for matches that were eligible, the match between Kevin Steen and El Generico from Final Battle 2012 was the winner.

Steen and Generico stare at each other across the ring as streamers are thrown by the people in the Hammerstein Ballroom.

We move to action where they exchange forearms and then Generico with a tornado DDT and Yakuza kick into the corner as well as a plancha onto Steen. Generico hits Steen with a ladder and then he throws it at Steen in the corner. Generico punches Steen but Steen goes for the eyes. Generico bites Steen’s hand. Generico throws a ladder on Steen’s back. Generico hits Steen with the ladder but Steen hits Generico from behind. Generico with a kick and he tries to slam Steen onto the ladder. Steen with a back body drop of Generico onto a ladder.

We go to commercial.

We are back and Steen puts a ladder in the corner. Generico stops Steen from Irish whipping him, but it is momentary because Steen with an Irish whip and Generico hits the ladder.

A larger ladder is set up and Steen climbs it but Generico stops Steen. Generico pulls Steen off the ladder. They exchange forearms. Generico with an overhead head and arm suplex onto a ladder. Generico climbs the ladder but Steen grabs the ankle. Generico kicks Steen but Steen pulls Generico off. Generico with another head and arm suplex onto a ladder.

Steen charges at Generico but Generico back body drops Steen through a table that is set up between the ring and the guardrails.

Generico brings out a bigger ladder but Steen hits F-Cinq through the table at ringside. Steen climbs the ladder but he looks down to see how high he really is. Generico grabs another ladder in the ring to knock Steen off. Two ladders are set up in the ring

We go to commercial.

Steen hits Generico with a ladder and a ladder is put through the two ladders set up in the ring. Steen power bombs Generico onto the ladder bridging the two larger ladders. Steen starts to climb the ladder but Generico stops him. Steen tries for a package piledriver but Generico escapes and Generico hits a package piledriver on Steen.

Generico climbs the ladder but Steen stops him and he sends Generico to the mat. Steen gets another ladder and he hits Generico in the head with it before he connects the two larger ladders with a second level to the bridge. They both climb the ladders and fight on the ladder between the two larger ladders. Steen with a low kick and then Steen with a package piledriver that sends Generico through the ladders and then Steen gets the title to win the match and retain the World Title.

We go to credits.

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