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By Dave Scherer on 2013-12-29 09:59:00

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TNA has this weekly syndicated TV show, Xplosion, featuring one exclusive match. The show is barely available to TNA fans. It airs on a few networks and some international markets. I do not understand why TNA never makes any mention of it in their storylines or during Impact, PPVs or on the website. I haven’t seen one Xplosion match on none of their compilation DVD’s. Isn’t it almost a pointless effort for wrestlers to compete in this “exclusive” match, that the company does not promote at all?

You answered your own question. In the scheme of things it largely doesn't exist. Impact is what matters to TNA. They do Xplosion because they have committments for it. That is pretty much the only reason.

Is it just me or has wrestling come full circle and it is starting to repeat itself a bit? What I mean is I see a lot of similarities in today’s wrestlers and older wrestlers. Some examples of this would be Luke Harper reminds me of Bruiser Brody, Damian Sandow reminds me of the Genius Lanny Poffo, Daniel Bryan is similar to a modern day Ricky the Dragon Steamboat. Am I just crazy or does anyone else see these similarities?

I think if you follow a genre like this, and your base of knowledge grows, it is just natural to make these kinds of comparisons as time goes by. Personally, I would love to see the business overall go back to its roots. If that ever happens, I would be really happy.

Glad to see Batista coming back, my question is how do you see them using him? He's made no secret of his disdain for the PG product.... so if they book him as a no nonsense wrecking machine mowing down some of the comedy acts to establish that anti PG sentiment that's great. I just fear they're going to build him into a Mania match with Lesnar with some quasi MMA-esque overtones or stipulations that in my opinion would be even hokier than the PG stuff he despises.

I expect he will be used well. He didn't need to come back. He bargained from a position of strength so my hunch is he wouldn't come back unless he was happy with how he was going to be used.

I was recently reading an old article from 1993 and came across an incident where Sid Vicious and Arn Anderson apparently stabbed each other, the article didn't give much detail what caused this to happen?

WCW was on a tour of the UK when Sid and Arn got into an altercation at a hotel bar. Everything was settled down but when the guys went up to their hotel rooms, Sid got a pair of scissors and went to Arn's room and they got into a scuffle where the scissors were used. Basically, it was a situation that got out of hand, with the help of alcohol. It was a shame.

With Roman Reigns solo push in the near future where do you think leaves Ambrose and Rollins?

That is a good question and I honestly couldn't tell you the answer. I hope it doesn't leave them on the outside looking in because both have a lot to offer. What is clear is that Reigns will be getting a solo push. He has all the tools to warrant one.

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