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By Mark Engels on 2013-12-28 10:02:42

In the opener, Austin Aries beat Chris Sabin to retain the X Division Title.

Lei'D Tapa pretty much destroyed Velvet Sky.

Ethan Carter III issued an open challenge, which was accepted by Tommy Dreamer!  Carter cheated to win the match.

Kurt Angle beat Bobby Roode.  James Storm was the referee and knew how to connect with the locals as he wore a Philadelphia Eagles Brent Celek jersey.

The BroMans beat Eric Young and Abyss to retain the TNA Tag Titles.

Magnus beat Samoa Joe to retain the TNA Title.

The main event saw Mr. Anderson take on Bully Ray in a cage match. The end saw Dreamer come out and force Bully back in the cage, where Anderson won.

It was a good show.

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