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By Joe Banks on 2013-12-27 08:50:55

In the opener, Dolph Ziggler beat Ryback.

Natalya beat AJ Lee in a Non-Title match.

Miz did a Miz TV segment with Kofi Kingston which ended up with them having to team against The Prime Time Players, per Vickie Guerrero.  They lost to the PTP because they couldn't get along.

Bad News Barrett beat Tyson Kidd.

Daniel Bryan and The Usos beat The Wyatts in a Steel Cage Elimination match.  Bryan was the last one out, leaving Luke Harper in the ring.

Big E Langston won a Three Way for his IC Title belt over Damien Sandow and R-Truth.

The fans supposedly chose a Dance Off between Mark Henry and Fandango.  I say supposedly because when it was announced a lot of people booed.  Fandango attacked Henry while he was dancing, leading to Henry squashing him.

In the main event, CM Punk beat The Shield in a handicap match.  Punk was losing most of the way but came through in the end when he hit the GTS on on Dean Ambrose.

Punk was way over in his home town.

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