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By Mike Johnson on 2013-12-26 09:52:10
The 1/6/14 Raw taping in Baltimore, Maryland is being advertised locally as "Raw going Old School" so one would assume they will be doing the Old School theme for the show that night. Craig DeGeorge, keep your calendar open!

CableFax featured a piece on the WWE App, providing insight into how the App is produced and how WWE uses the research data it generates to help guide their product. In talking to WWE's VP and Editorial Director of Digital and Print Rob Bernstein, it was noted the App has a staff of ten that write, produce and manage the material, then sifts through the social media chatter it generates to provide the company with a report the next day as something of a focus group that allows WWE insight into how talents, matches and storylines are being received by that cross-section of the audience. You can read about it at this link.

We had a great discussion with Colt Cabana in our Elite section yesterday. Cabana will be appearing tonight in Cleveland, Ohio presenting his "Sit In A Theater & Watch Bad Wrestling" show, with special appearances by Marty DeRosa and Colin Delaney, among others. If you've never seen the show, it's a lot of fun and well worth your time. It's a great show for non-fans as well. The show will be tonight at Paddy Rock in Cleveland, OH (16700A Lorain Ave, 44111). For more, visit

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