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By Mike Johnson on 2013-12-23 03:21:47
Following the passing of actor Paul Walker several weeks back in a car wreck, "Fast & Furious 7", which will star The Rock and was slated for a July 2014 release has been pushed back to a 4/10/15 release.

The film, which is the latest installment of Universal's highest grossing film franchise to date, was half filmed at the time of Walker's passing.

The new release date will allow more time for the incredible amount of re-writing needed in order to properly build a strong film while also handling the delicate issue of retiring Walker's character Brian O'Connor. The retirement becomes more complicated due to the nature of Walker's death, since the film series has been built around insane auto stunts since the first film was released in the summer of 2001.

Walker had been with the franchise from the first film. Johnson joined the film series with the fifth installment as Luke Hobbes, a federal agent trying to track down a series of high-tech car thieves. In the sixth installment, Hobbes comes to the group for help in taking down an international terrorist.

The seventh film is a direct sequel to the sixth, where the brother of the terrorist comes looking for revenge against the group.

The new Fast 7 release date would time the release just after Wrestlemania 31.

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