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By Dave Scherer on 2013-12-22 08:39:25

Bill Behrens, who handles bookings for AJ Styles, sent along the latest list of dates he has accepted.  Styles is still negotiating a new deal with TNA.  Here's an idea.  If he takes less money, let him continue booking his own indy dates.  How is that for a compromise?

The AJ Styles Phenomenal One Tour
December 28 Anarchy Wrestling Season’s Beatings Cornelia, GA

January 19 Pro Wresting Xpress at Ziggy’s in Winston, Salem, NC 
                      AJ vs Cedric Alexander

January 26 Smash Wrestling in Toronto, ON
                     AJ vs Chris Hero

February 1 Dreamwave Wrestling Chicago, IL
                    AJ v s Christian Rose

February 7 Deep Southern Championship Wrestling Blue Ridge, GA
                    AJ & Cody Roberts vs. Corey Hollis & Shaun Tempers

February 8  CZW 15th Anniversary Voorhees, NJ                    

February 15 House of Glory  Ridgewood, NY
                       AJ & Amazing Red vs. Young Bucks

March 1       Preston City Wrestling UK
                      AJ vs. Lionheart

March 14    2CW Binghamton, NY
                    AJ  vs. Eddie Edwards

March 15     UWE Harrisburg, PA
                               AJ vs. AR Fox

April 26       Remix Pro Marietta, OK
                      AJ vs. Facade

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