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By Dave Scherer on 2013-12-22 09:59:00

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Vince is known for believing that the money to a feud is to have the face challenging the heel champion, leading to a big payoff where the face becomes champ. It's an old school storyline that draws in a big audience for the big final show. As well as this Daniel Bryan got over huge over summer. Do you think this was Vince's way to build him up in advance of a huge push for Wrestlemania next year? Have Orton retain through dastardly deeds and being evil, and have Bryan vs Orton at Mania for the final big payoff?

I don't think Vince has any one particular belief. Even when Punk was a heel champ, John Cena, the face, was the top guy. I think any build for Bryan at this point will be the result in a change in mind of Vince because a few months ago he did not see Bryan as a top guy. It hasn't been a grand plan up until this point. Personally, I would like to see Bryan demand the number one spot at the Rumble, go the distance to prove himself and earn his title match at Mania. Then, have him win and WWE can have the moment that they should have had at SummerSlam but blew.

Do you think AJ Styles can still make a name/money for himself on the Indys/Japan if he never sign's back to TNA or never goes to WWE?

Sure, he will make money. He is a commodity. The question is how much will he make?

If WWE were to "hypothetically" pick AJ Styles up and put him on TV before TNA airs their upcoming show, wouldn't that just be one of the worst things that could happen to TNA right now?

I don't see that happening, for a few reasons. One, he is still negotiating with TNA. Two, I don't think he would do that. Three, WWE won't offer a big money deal just to smite the TNA Title. Even if it happened, TNA could explain it away easily. There are way worse things that could happen to the company, believe me.

It seems like every week someone has to ask if John Cena is going to turn heel. Are they stupid? What part of John Cena makes way too much money for WWE as a face do they not get? Do they not see how Cena serves as an ambassador in the media and with organizations like Make A Wish and Vince isn't going to turn Cena heel, no matter how many smart marks would love for him to do so?

I don't think they are stupid. I think they just want things to be mixed up and a Cena turn would be interesting. I think that is what it comes down to.

Do you think the next big WWE star they strap the rocket to could be Roman Reigns? Ala John Cena, Brock Lesnar.

I could see it, yes. He has the intangiables and has show that he is a quick study. I see a ton of potential in Reigns.

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