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By Bryan James on 2013-12-13 08:15:00
Here's the Smackdown results:

*The World and WWE title belts are hanging above the ring.

*Daniel Bryan defeated Rowan via DQ after Bray Wyatt interfered. Bryan was able to fight his own way out of the attack and laid out Wyatt with the running knee.

*It is announced that Randy Orton will be apologizing to Triple H later.

*The Real Americans defeated WWE Tag Team champions Goldust and Cody Rhodes in a non-title match.

*Mark Henry defeated Damien Sandow via countout.

AJ Lee & Tamina defeated The Bella Twins.

*World champion John Cena did a promo about the PPV.

*The Shield defeated The Usos. CM Punk did a promo on the screen promising that if he was going to Hell, they were going with him.

* The Big Show defeated Ryback. Rey Mysterio was with Show and took our Curtis Axel with a 610.

*Alberto Del Rio vs. Kofi Kingston was scheduled but Miz attacked Kofi and laid him out with the Skull Crushing Finale, so no match.

*Randy Orton came out and apologized to Triple H, although the crux of the segment was that he was angry about the Pedigree and didn't want to do it. HHH accepted it in a condescending way.

John Cena defeated Randy Orton in a dark match to send everyone home via DQ when a chair was brought into play.

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