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By Mike Johnson on 2013-12-06 15:26:22
There is talk that WWE may announce locations for Wrestlemanias 31 and 32 within the next month. They were set several months back but are being kept quiet. As I noted some time back, there's been talk of announcing locations several years in advance to help build the buzz within cities that the event is coming, as the NFL does with the Superbowl.

Stephanie McMahon was in NYC today at a March of Dimes charitable event. Sportscaster Bruce Beck noted that WWE was among those who helped raise one million dollars for the cause. Kudos to all involved.

WWE Hall of Famer Hacksaw Duggan successfully underwent his surgery today. He noted on Facebook that they found more damage then they expected but everything went fine. We wish him the well as he recovers.

Tickets for the Evening with Jim Ross event in NYC on 3/1 officially went on sale this morning.

Former WWF announcer Charlie Minn has directed a documentary on the 1993 Colin Ferguson shooting on the Long Island Railroad, where Ferguson stepped onto a train and shot 25 people, six of whom were killed. The film is just started to have screenings.

The Miz guest stars with the Muppets:

By the way, no one is more excited than Dave Scherer to know Hornswoggle has a cameo in the Muppets: Most Wanted when it comes out next year.

Thomas Rude sent the following:

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