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By Jamie Mitchell on 2013-12-05 22:59:41
*Chris Sabin defeated Austin Aries to win the TNA X-Division Championship after Sabin ordered Velvet to distract the referee and she did, despite not wanting to.

*Ethan Carter came out and challenged Jeff Hardy. Hardy wasn't there so he made the referee count him out. Before they hit ten, Sting came out and challenged him to fight like a man. Carter agreed, then said that he would fight Sting at Genesis.

*Joseph Park defeated Bully Ray via DQ when Raw kicked him in the groin and began putting lighter fluid all over him with the idea he was going to set Park on fire. Anderson made the save but the same thing happened. The officials forced Ray out

*Dixie Carter came out and had AJ Styles sign a one night contract for his match against Magnus. She said after tonight, she never wants to see him again. Styles cut a promo on Carter saying she bets against him and he always wins. He said that if she thinks anyone is going to interfere because of the No DQ stips, he has friends in the back too. She says she paid him and she pays them and no one will help him because she owns all of them and will break them like she's going to break him. Styles said she doesn't know a damn thing about wrestling and he made the belt mean more taking it around the globe than she ever did, and now all she has is a paper champion to show for herself. Magnus comes out and says that it will be the last time Styles ever gets to call him that.

TNA Tag Team champions Bro Mans defeated Joseph Park and Eric Young. On the screen, Gail Ki and Lei'd Tapa attacked ODB so Young left to rescue her, leaving Park alone to be beaten.

*James Storm and Gunner went back and forth on the mic about their issues. Storm challenged Gunner to a ladder match for the TNA title shot. They agreed. Genesis maybe?

*Ethan Carter III beat Samoa Joe. He attacked Joe in the back and beat him down. I think the idea was to prevent Joe from helping AJ.

*Kurt Angle defeated Bad Influence in a handicap steel cage match after Bobby Roode somehow talked his way out of wrestling Angle.

*Backstage, Dixie Carter told Roode that he has to be a team player, so tonight he's wrestling Sting in a cage.

*Bobby Roode beat Sting by escaping the cage after Ethan Carter and Rockstar Spud brought him a nightstick and be beat Sting down with it.

*Magnus defeated AJ Styles in a No DQ Match to unify the TNA titles. The funny thing is that by the time this airs in January, WWE will have done the same angle and it will look like TNA was playing off of TLC! There were a ton of run-ins from Sting, Carter, Bad Influence and others and an angle where Earl Hebner walked off because he didn't want to screw AJ after he had been worked over. Sting got involved and the second ref, Brian Hebner got bumped. AJ Styles hit the Styles Clash but with no referee, Earl Hebner ran out, only to be pulled out of the ring by Kazarian and Daniels. Bobby Roode hit the ring and destroyed Styles with his finisher over and over. Dixie Carter brought another referee out and all the heels attacked Sting to keep him from helping AJ. Magnus pinned him.

After the match and this may have been for just the fans here, Styles thanked the fans and said that this place was his home. He said that wherever he goes or whether he stays, the fans here are a part of him and he killed himself for TNA and the fans. He said that storyline or not, Dixie can forget about him, but he'll never forget about the fans. He thanked everyone for giving him the blessing of being able to wrestle and had a long farewell.

*Curry Man returned, defeating Extreme Tiger from Mexico.

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