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By Robert Reeve on 2013-12-04 23:30:20
Like last night, they taped a lot of stuff out of order:

*Dixie Carter came out celebrating that they finally have a champion to be proud of in Magnus. Jeff Hardy tried to confront her as she said she had something special to announce. Rockstar Spud tried to stop him but was laid out. Ethan Carter attacked Hardy and laid him out. Carter was going to make her announcement but out came Sting, who challenged Ethan. This sets up Sting & Hardy vs. Ethan & Spud. Carter then tried to make her announcement again but Gunner showed up with a Fest or Fired briefcase and said he was cashing in his TNA title shot tonight. Carter claimed Magnus was in the UK. Carter tries again to make her announcement but this time James Storm comes out and is pissed at Gunner, insinuating he may have been on cahoots with Bobby Roode when Storm was attacked in a bar and owed him. He challenged Gunner to face him with the title shot on the line. Carter, exasperated, made the match and said she would have to make the announcement later.

*Gunner fought James Storm to a double countout.

*Ethan Carter III, Rockstar Spud, and TNA Tag Team champions The Bromans Sting and Jeff Hardy in a handicap match.

*After the match, Jeff Hardy paid tribute to Sting and then said that he was tired of all of the mess that was TNA and pretty much said this was the last time we'd see him in TNA until things changed. Sting tried to convince him otherwise but Hardy refused and walked out.

*Madison Rayne pinned Gail Kim.

*Kurt Angle cut a promo apologizing for not being the athlete and man he should have been in 2013. Bobby Roode confronted him and Angle challenged him to one more match. Roode agreed but said it would be a Cage match and if Angle lost, he left TNA and could never lay claim to being a TNA Hall of Famer. Angle agreed. They start brawling. Rockstar Spud says they are not allowed to ruin the coronation night and books them in a tag match.

*Sam Shaw defeated Norv Fernum.

*Bobby Roode & James Storm defeated Kurt Angle & Gunner. The story here was that Angle asked Gunner to team with him, so Storm teamed with Roode to get at Gunner.

*They closed with an official coronation for Magnus. Magnus cuts a promo thanking Dixie. Gunner comes out and tries to cash in, but is beaten down and overwhelmed. AJ Styles hits the ring from the crowd and drills Magnus with the TNA title. Styles says he's the real champ and isn't returning the title to anyone. He says that Dixie Carter is a money mark and that if Magnus wants to be a real champion, he has to face him. Magnus accepts but Carter doesn't want him to, because if he loses, then she'll lose the TNA title yet again. Magnus said he was going to win and had a staredown with Styles.

*Zema Ion defeated Ultimate Tiger (someone near me said it was Mexico star Extreme Tiger, but I don't know that 100%).

After that, we had to leave. Kazarian vs. Samoa Joe was in the ring and I don't know how much was taped after that. Hope this helps!

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