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By Billy Krotchsen on 2013-12-06 08:30:00
Dark Match:

*Tyson Kidd pinned Justin Gabriel. Smackdown:

*Smackdown opened with WWE champion Randy Orton cutting a promo on John Cena, promising to win at TLC. He then went out of his way to apologize to The Authority for his comments on Monday. Daniel Bryan came out and said Orton should apologize for being a fake champion who didn't earn his title. They set a match for later.

*WWE Intercontinental champion Big E. Langston pinned Fandango.

*Bad News Barrett is out there, making announcements.

*Kofi Kingston vs. Alberto Del Rio was set but ADR attacked him and laid him out before the match.

*The Shield did a promo backstage about one of them facing CM Punk, giving the impression they weren't united on who gets to face Punk.

*Ryback & Curtis Axel defeated WWE Tag Team champions Goldust & Cody Rhodes in a non-title match, so apparently that's a match for TLC.

*CM Punk pinned WWE United States champion Dean Ambrose with the GTS in a good, non-title match.

*Natalya pinned Tamina Snuka.

*Big Show & Rey Mysterio defeated The Real Americans.

*WWE champion Randy Orton defeated Daniel Bryan with the RKO. Bray Wyatt appeared on the Titantron inviting Bryan to join them.

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