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By Mike Johnson on 2013-11-26 10:46:15

FWE issued the following:

NEW YORK, NY., November 18th, 2013 - After a blockbuster opening round, we complete the Open Weight Grand Prix on December 7th, when we return to the Elmcor Center in Corona Queens and on iPPV! We will finish out the tournament to crown the first ever FWE Open Weight Grand Prix Champion. All of these matches have never happened before! Whoever wins this will earn it as they will have to win three grueling matches in one night to survive and this tournament includes some of the best athletes in the world! We are very happy to announce we will be airing and also can be purchased via We will also have a live exclusive just for the fans in Queens!

John Hennigan (FWE World Heavyweight Champion) vs "Maple Leaf Muscle" Petey Williams
Hennigan advanced to this stage by defeating Matt Morgan while Petey advanced with a very close win over Sonjay Dutt. If anyone thought this would be an easy win for Hennigan, Petey showed that he is in this to win it when at the end of the First Round, while all of the competitors who advance were in the ring, Petey nailed Hennigan with the Canadian Destroyer. Is he just one more away from advancing and claiming a win over the champion or will Hennigan remained undefeated in FWE.

Ted DiBiase Jr. vs "The Blueprint" Matt Morgan
In what was supposed to be Ted DiBiase vs Chris Mordetzky has now become DiBiase vs Matt Morgan. Due to a scheduling conflict Mordetzky is out and Morgan demanded to be put back in the tournament as video evidence has surfaced that Senior Official Uncle Steven may have miscounted during the Hennigan/Morgan match and Morgan clams to have had his shoulder up. Morgan is angry and is looking to take it out on Ted. DiBiase, who has looked to settle here in FWE made a statement when he handed a loss to Cabana. Whoever comes out the victor here, will face the winner of the Hennigan/Petey match.

Fatal Four Way: "Firebird" Jorge Santi vs Trent Barretta vs "Yours Truly" Alex Reynolds vs Shane Strickland
In what was supposed to be Jorge Santi vs Tommy Dreamer has now turned into a Fatal 4 Way Match. Dreamer had to bow out of the tournament due to unforeseen circumstances. Santi has now been put into the position to go through 3 men in order to advance. One of those men made his FWE debut at the First Round event, Trent Barretta. He was involved in the show stealer in which he teamed with Bandido Jr. as they faced both The Young Bucks and the FWE World Tag Team Champions, Adrenaline Express and would love to advance in this match. Alex Reynolds makes his FWE return and this his a huge chance for him. He has impressed here in FWE and this is just the chance to finally cement a steady position in the company. The third man is an up and coming high flyer from the East Coast, Shane Strickland. He will be making his FWE debut and what a debut it could be if he could advance to the Semi Finals. Santi has a point to prove and even though he planned for Dreamer, he will be ready for this battle. Can he handle 3 other competitors to advance?

Brian Kendrick vs "The Premier Athlete" Tony Nese
In what should be a show stealer, Kendrick, (who defeated Joey Ryan to advance) will be facing one of the more shocking advances, Tony Nese. Nese scored a huge upset win over FWE Tri Borough Champion Paul London during the First Round. Kendrick has been on the cusp of reaching the top of FWE on numerous occasions. Winning the Grand Prix would do wonders in granting him that chance. Nese is on a roll and would love a win over London's tag team partner and best friend as a way to advance and face the winner of the 4 Way match.

Alternate Match:
"The Original Playa From The Himalaya" Sonjay Dutt vs Chuck Taylor
In case of any injury that may occur during the course of the tournament, an alternate match will take place. Sonjay was eliminated by Petey Williams but due to his standing in FWE has been awarded this spot. To mix things up, making his debut will be standout Chuck Taylor. In what could be one of many contenders for show stealer, hopefully no injury will occur, this match will definitely put either man in contention for a future Tri Borough Title Match.

Winner Receives A FWE Womens Championship Match:
Angelina Love vs "The Huntress" Ivelisse Velez
After defeating Serena Deeb & Cheerleader Melissa in their FWE debuts, Angelina advanced to this match. Angelina has a history with Maria Kanellis from her first day in FWE. When she finally received a chance at the Gold, Maria's beau Mike Bennett assisted her in retaining the championship. On the flip side, Ivelisse defeated Rosita & Kasey Ray to advance to this match. Ivelisse is looking to destroy and made both women submit in their match. She is on a quest and especially after Maria left her hanging in their tag team match against Angelina & Katarina Leigh back at Welcome To The Rumble 2. Both women want revenge and both women want gold. Whose desire is strong enough to come out with a shot at Maria?

10 Man Tag Team Match:
Team Young Bucks (Matt Jackson, Nick Jackson, Jigsaw, Wes Draven & Orange Cassidy) vs Team Adrenaline Express (EJ Risk, VSK, Joey Ryan, Rhett Titus & Candice LeRae)
After a shocking conclusion at our last event, the FWE Board of Directors decided to make this blockbuster match where Adrenaline Express & The Young Bucks would get to choose their own partners for this match and some shocking choices were made. The Young Bucks really don't get along with anyone, but they have respect for a few people and they chose those men to be their partners in this match to get some revenge on AE. The choices include a former rival, Jigsaw (whom they faced off with at Welcome To The Rumble 2 along with his partner Tony Nese) Wes Draven (a true FWE veteran and fan favorite) and Orange Cassidy (a high flyer out of the West Coast who is interesting to say the lease.) Adrenaline Express after their shocking victory immediately showed a change of character and become extremely cocky very quickly. Looking at their choices, it has solidified how they have changed their ways. The people they have chosen are a cast of egotistical individuals who include Joey Ryan, Rhett Titus and a very surprising pick, Candice LeRae. How will the Bucks counter this match with having a woman on Team AE? Will AE continue on their undefeated streak since winning the Tag Team Titles over a year ago? Will the Bucks get back into contention against their rivals?

Christina Von Eerie vs Taeler Hendrix
We add two more fantastic females to our packed women's division as the Christina Von Eerie faces Taeler Hendrix. Both ladies are great talents who finally make their way to a FWE ring. As Angelina & Ivelisse battle for a #1 contender's spot, these two girls would love to move right into a spot for contention. While Christina is the hard hitter, Taeler will have a bit of finesse on her side.

Live Queens Exclusive:
"Showtime" Eric Young vs Colt "Boom Boom" Cabana
This match will be just for the fans live in Queens, NY. Besides being fantastic entertainers, these men are incredible athletes. In a first time ever match, former FWE World Heavyweight Champion Eric Young returns home to battle a man who has settled in FWE, Colt Cabana. No predictions can be made as to what will happen in this match besides the fact that it will be fun to watch!

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