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By Richard Trionfo on 2013-11-23 20:44:23

TNA held their latest set of tapings tonight.  Here are the results.

For Xplosion:  Velvet Sky defeated Brooke Tessmacher.

The opening segment taped for Impact saw Bad Influence come to the ring and they mentioned that they have received feedback over the Joseph Park situation.  They are here to tell the truth about Joseph.  Joseph Park comes out and tells them to stop and that they have won.  Park takes the envelope Bad Influence has and rips it up. Nothing was in the envelope and we see a video of Daniels and Kazarian in Chicago at the address for Park, Park and Park.  Eventually we find out that Park, Park and Park closed 13 years ago.  Daniels and Kazarian call Park a liar and attack him.  Eric Young comes out and he says that when you knock on the devil's door too many times he will come out.  Young and Park will face Bad Influence next week.

First match for Impact:

Bromans (with Zema Ion) defeated James Storm and Gunner by disqualification when Gunner hit the referee.  Storm had Jesse pinned.

Ethan Carter III came out to a loud negative reaction.  He said that his opponent has been in the ring with Hall of Famers.  He will face Earl Hebner.  Earl refuses but Ethan reminds Earl who he is and Ethan has Spud bring out the ref and it is Brian Hebner.  Earl is told to lay down to be pinned.  He eventually lays down and Brian makes the three count.

Jeremy Borash announces that Madison Rayne is here and she comes out.

Austin Aries defeated  Chris Sabin (with Velvet Sky) to become the new X Division Champion with a Brainbuster.

Gail Kim comes out for the Gail Kim Open Challenge.  ODB comes out but she is out to fight Lei'd Tapa.  They brawl and it is a two on one attack.  Madison Rayne comes out to help ODB.

Joseph Park and Eric Young defeat Christopher Daniels and Frankie Kazarian after Young makes Park bleed.  Park pins Kazarian after a Black Hole Slam.  After the match, Young says that Park couldn't find Abyss over the last 18 months because Park is Abyss.

Ethan Carter III comes out and announces that his open challenge for tonight will get social media buzzing because he will be facing Jeremy Borash.

Before Borash can get in the ring, Sting comes out and he says he cannot believe that he is in the ring with greatness. He talks about how Carter has been given everything so he should consider the people who are putting their careers on the line in Feast or Famine. Sting tells Ethan to get in that match or face Sting tonight. Carter says that he accepts and then after a brief delay, he will enter Feast or Famine.

Before Feast or Fired starts, Ken Anderson is announced for the match and he is attacked by Bully Ray and is given a piledriver on the stage. Ray stands over Anderson and cuts a promo. Anderson is helped to the back.

The briefcases are hanging from the poles in the four corners with a World Title contract, Tag title contract, an X Division Title contract and a pink slip.

The participants are Norv Fernum, Dewey Barnes, Zema Ion, Hernandez, Chavo Guerrero, Ethan Carter III, Chris Sabin, Curry Man, Samoa Joe, James Storm, Gunner, and Austin Aries. Ethan Carter III gets case number 3. Zema Ion gets case number 2. Chavo Guerrero gets case number 4. Gunner gets case number 1 after pulling Storm from the turnbuckles to tease further issues with the team.

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