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By Mike Johnson on 2013-11-19 10:36:07
The internal word is that WWE is thrilled with the Wrestlemania sales thus far.  In checking Ticketmaster today, the only price levels left single $476 tickets and in pairs, limited view  $190 seats.  All of the other price ranges are sold out, although as WWE finalizes production, there will be more tickets released all the way through the week of the show.

WWE will tape Smackdown and Main Event tonight in Atlanta, GA. WWE Tag Team champions The Rhodes Boys vs. The Real Americans is set for Smackdown.

In what doesn't sound like a good sign, Rey Mysterio was limping backstage after Raw.

Christmas Bounty starring The Miz will make its broadcast debut this Tuesday 11/26 on ABC Family.

WWE has released life-sized standees of the Wyatt Family as well as the Usos' first t-shirt.

WWE will return to Philadelphia on 1/7/14 for a Smackdown taping.  Tickets will go on sale this Saturday.

Thomas Rude sent the following:

Sam Roberts Interviews Kaitlyn

WWE Mashup: Brock Lesnar & Curtis Axel

Xavier Woods' debut and Rey Mysterio's return were focused on for this week's edition of the Raw Backstage Fallout:

A funny trivia note on Woods - his TNA debut was teaming with Ron Killings (now know as R-Truth), so he debuted for each national promotion the same way, as Truth's tag team partner.

Here are the two latest episodes of "But I'm Chris Jericho" -

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