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By Mike Johnson on 2013-11-20 15:13:00 and The Rocks Off Pro Wrestling Film Festival are happy to announce a special contest where the winner will receive a pair of tickets to the Festival's screening of documentary "Sadermania" this Saturday at 11 AM at the Kraine Theater in NYC.

Even if you have a passing casual reflection on the world of professional wrestling, you know who the red & yellow emblazoned Hulk Hogan is. Icon of the 1980s national wrestling explosion, Hogan remains one of the most well known celebrities of his era, parlaying that into reality TV, feature films and much more. But, despite the hype, the prayers, the training, the vitamins and the larger than life persona he's cultivated, Hulk Hogan is just another mortal man - but one that has inspired countless others with his exploits.

There is perhaps no one in the world more moved than Chris Sader, the world's number one Hulkamaniac. SADERMANIA tells the story of their inspirational tale, as Sader and Hogan relate how they met and developed a bond through mutual struggles and personal loss that each would have faced alone if not for the unlikely friendship that develops between them.

What happens when fan befriends his hero? That's the power of SADERMANIA.

To enter to win tickets to the screening, email with the header SADERMANIA, BROTHER! and include your name and full address.

Contest winners will be contacted on Friday 11/22.

The tickets will be available via will call at the Kraine Theater box office.

For more on the Pro Wrestling Film Festival and it's full slate of programming, visit

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