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By Mike Johnson on 2013-11-11 22:28:38
WWE announced that next week's Raw from Nashville, TN would be a special "country" edition of the series.

The main event of this week's WWE Main Event will be Natalya challenging WWE Divas champion AJ Lee.

Online now in the PWInsider Elite section is a 49 minute interview with WWE 2K14 Senior Designer Bryan Williams discusses the newest WWE videogame release WWE 2K14, creating the Wrestlemania history mode, the decision-making that goes into creating such a mode, what they did for Roddy Piper fans disappointed he wasn't in the mode, why the Undertaker Streak mode is so unique, what WWE performers he's excited about being included this year, working with WWE on storyline modes, improvements and tweaks to the gameplay and the online Universe modes in the game, Bruno Sammartino and Ultimate Warrior being in the game, whether we might see NXT and Total Divas folded into future WWE games, a concept Williams would love to see made into a game, favorite international stars he'd love to see in a WWE game one day if they came to the company, moving from THQ to 2K Sports, his excitement over this game being released on time despite all those issues and tons more! A great conversation about the fun new WWE videogame that you can check out by clicking here to sign up for the Elite section.

The official synopsis for this Sunday's Total Divas on E! - "Nikki decides to move in with John. Eva considers cheating when she is asked to be an announcer on live television."

WWE returns to Montreal on 1/12/14 with tickets going on sale this Saturday.

Sources at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, NY indicate there will be a Raw taping at the venue in March 2014.

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