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By Mike Johnson on 2013-11-11 15:54:07
Dragon Gate USA just announced that former WWE developmental talent Chris Hero (NXT's Kassius Ohno) will appear this Sunday in Brooklyn, NY at The Lyceum. It will be Hero's second appearance on the indy scene and his first since departing WWE. His first appearance will be for PWS in New Jersey the day before.

DGUSA announced they would have additional details shortly as they will be rebooking some of their original plans to include Hero in the lineup.

Hero was released late last week from his developmental deal.

For ticket information, visit

The promotion will be running this Saturday and Sunday in the NYC area.  Here are the complete, currently announced lineups:

Saturday 11/16 return to Queens, NY at the Queensborough Elks Lodge at 9 PM:

*DGUSA Open The United Gate champions The Young Bucks vs. The Bravado Brothers

*DG Open the Brave champion Genki Horiguchi vs. Rich Swann.

*EVOLVE champion AR Fox vs. Shane Strickland vs. Fire Ant vs. Andrew Everett

*Masaaki Mochizuki vs. Anthony Nese

*Trent Baretta vs. Chuck Taylor.

*Biff Busick vs. Ricochet.

*Jon Davis vs. the debuting Steven Walters.

*Mr. Touchdown vs. Caleb Konley.

There will be a seminar and tryout before the show for independent wrestlers led by Mochizuki and Horiguchi.  For more on that, visit

As noted, the promotion (with Hero as well) will return to Lyceum in Brooklyn this Sunday.  The original lineup for the show, pre-Hero, featured:

*Open The Freedom Gate Champion Johnny Gargano vs. Masaaki Mochizuki

*Ricochet vs. Anthony Nese with Su Yung & Mr. A

*Trent Baretta vs. Rich Swann

*Genki Horiguchi & Jimmy Susumu vs. The Bravado Brothers

*EVOLVE Champion AR Fox vs. Chuck Taylor vs. Jon Davis vs. Caleb Konley

*Open The United Gate Champions The Young Bucks vs. Jigsaw & Fire Ant (non-title)

*Also appearing are Mr. Touchdown, Andrew Everett, Steven Walters and more.

The shows will be available via iPPV and can be pre-ordered by clicking the link below: iPPV

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