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By Chloe Annette on 2013-11-11 10:59:52
WWE came here to Cardiff yesterday. Here are the results:

*Los Matadores defeated The Real Americans. Fun opening match with some silly antics.

*Wade Barrett pinned Zack Ryder. Barrett ripped on Wales before the match.

*Natalya beat Aksana via submission with the Sharpshooter. Much better than you'd expect going in.

*Kofi Kingston beat The Miz, who turned evil during the match.

*Big E. Langston & The Rhodes Family defeated The Shield in a great match.

*Santino Marella beat Fandango in a dance-off. We went to get t-shirts so we didn't see it.

*Damien Sandow pinned Dolph Ziggler in an awesome match. Ziggler was who we came to see and we were sporting our matching pink shirts and screaming our hearts out for him. It was awesome he was here.

*WWE champion Randy Orton beat Big Show after Kane distracted him. Show was moving really slow and after the match, thanked everyone for all their years of support. He was limping bad.

We had a great time. We tried to see if we could meet Dolph after the show but it was just too crowded.

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