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By Mike Johnson on 2013-11-11 10:28:18
Big Show was noticeably limping at yesterday's WWE house show in Cardiff, Wales. We haven't heard the nature of the injury yet.

As we broke last week in the PWInsider Elite section, British wrestling great Robbie Brookside is now working as a trainer for WWE at their Performance Center. Brookside had been working as a talent scout of sorts for the company in Europe and the word we've received is that he will continue to fulfill those duties as well.

Former WCW and WWE star Billy Kidman, who now works backstage duties for WWE, is appearing on the current WWE European tour as Paul Heyman's personal physician in segments where CM Punk attacks Heyman. Kidman's usual WWE responsibilities handle the timing of WWE events from the gorilla position to make sure the events, especially TV, are running within their scheduled time frames.

Speaking of Heyman, there's talk he may be back on TV as soon as this week. That was a storyline change, as there was originally plans to give him a break from being on camera and returning down the line with Brock Lesnar - but a lot of things changed in recent weeks.

For those who asked, The Big E. Langston vs. Curtis Axel bout on Main Event didn't take place last week as Langston was needed to travel to the European tour. The belief of those we spoke to last week is that WWE would just do the match at TV this week, so we will see soon enough. It was pretty crazy to see WWE announcing something on Monday and then on Tuesday, the travel made it impossible for it to actually happen, considering how organized they usually are in that regard.

Shawn Anderson sent the following.....This Friday, "Macho Man" Randy Savage would have turned 61. I had a chance to talk exclusively with his brother about his career before become WWF royalty. For more, click here.

Thomas Rude sent along the following videos:

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