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By Mike Johnson on 2013-11-08 10:00:00
When WWE Superstars are not being used on TV or are rehabbing injuries, are they still being paid.

Yes, they are being paid whatever the downside guarantee of their contract is. They aren't generating additional income since they are not on live events or PPV, but if their merchandise is selling, they would receive their % of that revenue as well.

Is TNA management trying to sink the company on purpose? I can't think of any other rational reason why they would hype a "former world champion", get wrestling fans talking, then tell us it's Pacman Jones. Who cares??? What is this nonsense? Part of some angle to make us dislike Dixie more? Mission accomplished. But it won't entice me to watch.

As I said in the PWInsider Elite section during a Hotline update, I think they specifically had Dixie Carter tease a former World champion and then revealed Jones as a way to get the audience to dislike Carter. If you watch the reveal video, Carter is all excited and Jeremy Borash and Dave Lagana are looking at her as if she is nuts, which I truly believe was supposed to be a parody of how the Internet fans react to TNA "surprises."

Is it safe to presume Jeff Jarrett is the "Former World Champion" that's "coming home" on Impact this week? All the former TNA champions are either still working for them or working for WWE in some fashion (RVD, Foley). So going down the list of TNA era NWA champions it can only be Jarrett, Ken Shamrock, Rhino or Raven? Do you see Jarrett as the most logical given his increase in activity behind the scenes recently or do you see another former WWE champion being brought in?

While I do believe we will see Jeff Jarrett back on TV sooner than later, as I warned, when TNA makes teases, they can really be anyone, so as we saw, it was Adam Jones.

What fountain of youth has Goldust been drinking from? His matches were the best of the night at both HIAC and this week's Raw.

Goldust has dropped over 60 lbs. He's a pretty badass inspiration.

Who was the MVP of the Midnight Express in your opinion?

I think even Jim Cornette would say that it has to be Bobby Eaton, who really was the heart and soul of great tag team wrestling in the 1980s.

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