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By Richard Trionfo on 2013-11-07 19:32:04
We are in Greenville, South Carolina and your announcers are Tom Phillips and Alex Riley.

Match Number One: Naomi (with Cameron) versus Alicia Fox

They lock up and Naomi with a wrist lock and Alicia with a cartwheel to reverse the hold. Naomi with a reversal of her own and she brings Alicia to the mat and kicks her. Naomi with a near fall and Alicia bridges out of the cover. Alicia with a rollup for a near fall.

Alicia with a waist lock but Naomi escapes. Naomi with a leg lariat and Alicia rolls to the floor and she appears to have trouble maintaining her balance before returning to the ring. Alicia pushes Naomi away when Naomi wants to check on Alicia. Naomi pushes back and Alicia with knees to the midsection.

Alicia tosses Naomi across the ring by the hair. Alicia slams Naomi’s head into the mat. Alicia with a reverse chin lock. Naomi with elbows and punches but Alicia with a knee and Irish whip. Alicia runs into an elbow but Alicia with a tilt-a-whirl back breaker for a near fall. Alicia with a Northern Lights suplex for a near fall.

Alicia with a rear chin lock into a reverse chin lock as Alicia tries to use her weight to add more pressure on Naomi. Naomi gets to her feet and she backs Alicia into the corner. Naomi uses her rear end to get some distance from Alicia. Alicia with a kick to the back but Naomi with a rana and lariat.

Naomi with a knee and then she kicks Alicia from the apron. Naomi with an arm drag followed by a leaping leg drop for a near fall. Alicia with a leg lariat for a near fall. Naomi with a monkey flip followed by the Booty Call for the three count.

Winner: Naomi

We go to commercial.

We are back with a look at the six man tag match from Raw that was a rematch of the six man tag match from last week’s Smackdown.

We go to commercial.

We are back with a look at the resolution of the Big Show lawsuit against the WWE.

We go to commercial.

Match Number Two: Zack Ryder versus Jinder Mahal (with Heath Slater and Drew McIntyre)

They lock up and Mahal with a wrist lock. Zack with a reversal into a hammer lock but Mahal with an elbow and kicks. Mahal with a punch and kick. Ryder sends Mahal face first into the mat and he follows with a drop kick. Ryder climbs the turnbuckles and he punches Mahal but Jinder pushes him off and he kicks Zack.

Mahal with a shoulder tackle or two. Ryder with a flapjack followed by a short arm clothesline for a near fall. Ryder with a suplex and he gets a near fall. Ryder clotheslines Mahal over the top rope to the floor. Ryder with a baseball slide to Mahal and then he goes to the floor as we go to commercial.

We are back and Ryder with an arm bar but Mahal puts Ryder in the ropes and he kicks the ropes and that sends Ryder to the floor and he hits the apron on his way down. Mahal runs Ryder’s back into the apron.

They return to the ring and Mahal gets a near fall. Mahal with punches to Ryder while Slater has some comments for Riley and Phillips. Mahal with knees to the midsection and he uses the ropes for extra leverage. Mahal with a neck breaker for a near fall. Mahal with a reverse chin lock. Ryder with forearms but Mahal with a modified power slam for a near fall.

Mahal misses a knee drop when Ryder moves out of the way. Ryder moves when Mahal tries for a splash in the corner. Ryder with punches but Mahal with a kick and he tries for a suplex but Ryder lands on his feet and Ryder with a neck breaker.

Ryder with an elbow and flying clothesline. Mahal with an Irish whip but Ryder with knees to Mahal followed by a missile drop kick. Ryder sets for the running forearm but Slater distracts Ryder. Mahal with a Harley Race knee for a near fall. Mahal sets for the Camel Clutch but Ryder escapes and hits the Rough Ryder for the three count.

Winner: Zack Ryder

We go to commercial.

We are back and we take a look at the handicap match involving Big Show.

We go to credits.

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