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By Mike Johnson on 2013-11-07 10:13:10 has released the latest episode of their "Wrestling's Most...." DVD and VOD series, focusing on the most "Despised" person backstage within the business.

The official release reads:

Wrestling has always had it's share of bad guys...but what about the guys that are more hated behind the scenes than in the ring?

We put together a lengthy list of cats in the business that have given others plenty to hate...and you voted! Now we have the top 5 from your votes and the stars are ready to rate how you did.

Do they agree with your list of vermin and just how much do THEY hate these guys too?

Get ready to count down Wrestling's Most...


Among those giving comments on the release are Kevin Nash, Dave Finley, Vince Russo, Sunny, Sean Waltman, New Jack and Sandman.

The title can be ordered via DVD at the link above or via VOD by clicking the graphic below: iPPV

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