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By Steven Ronquillo on 2013-11-06 08:05:56

Welcome to this week’s addition of Championship Wrestling from Hollywood. We start out with Ricky Mandel in the ring with his new girlfriend Shelly Martinez.

Mandel says Shelly dumped Todd Chandler because she needed to be with a real man. Shelly calls out Chandler so Mandel could teach him how to handle business. This leads to Chandler coming out to the ring.

Todd Chandler vs. Ricky Mandel w/ Shelly Martinez

The match starts and Mandel is all over Chandler. Several reverses to start off the match. Chandler with a drop kick takes Mandel down. Running kick to Mandel in the corner by Chandler. Shelly tries to grab Chandler’s boot and Mandel takes advantage with a big boot. Snap suplex by Mandel. Hard elbow off the rope by Mandel for a two count. Mandel with a side headlock but Chandler tries to fight out but Mandel with a side suplex. Hard head butt by Mandel. Mandel tries a sling suplex but leaves Chandler on the rope. Misses the big boot and Chandler hits a spring board clothesline. Chandler off the rope and hits the double knees to Mandel’s face. Chandler sends Mandel to the corner and charges right into a big boot by Mandel. Mandel with a high knee followed by a dropkick for a two count. Mandel whips Chandler to the corner but Chandler hits Mandel with high knees. Running high knee by Chandler and applies a modified condo clutch. Mandel is tapping out but Shelly has been distracting the referee. Chandler is confronting the referee as Shelly throws in a kendo stick to Mandel. Mandel attacks Chandler with the kendo stick and is disqualified.

Winner by DQ: Todd Chandler

After the match Shelly attacks Chandler with multiple strikes with the kendo stick.

We go to commercial

We are back and Dave Marquez is interviewing Matt Striker regarding his upcoming match against Scorpio Sky. Striker says he has been off the independent circuit for almost ten years and all he has heard is Scorpio Sky is the best the independent scene has. Striker says a lot of guys are see through and hide behind a character but there is nothing see through about Scorpio Sky and there is nothing see through about Matt Striker. Striker says it will be a wrestling match and will eventually become a fight. He says he’s just a guy from New York who had to fight for everything he ever had. Nobody thought he could make it and he has no problem punching Sky in the face.

Ridiculoso vs. Eric Cross

Match starts with each guy trying to get more cheers from the crowd. Ridiculoso starts off with a springboard cross body and rolls up Cross for a two count. Cross catches Ridiculoso with a body slam and takes control. Side headlock by Cross and avoids a comeback attempt by Ridiculoso. Cross slowing down the pace to take advantage. Ridiculoso to the top rope and hits a flying cross body for a two count. Hard kick by Ridiculoso and goes back to the top rope. Ridiculoso gets crotched by Cross. Cross with a cutter from the top rope and gets the three count.

Winner: Eric Cross

Cross goes to the interview area and says he’s tired of all the scrubs. He wants better completion and calls out Joey Ryan. Cross says he deserves better and he deserves class. He doesn’t care if he has to go through everyone because he wants better. He wants to cross them out.

We go to commercial

Mike Santiago & Ethan HD vs. Gregory Sharpe & Tommy Misfit

HD and Santiago go right after their opponents to start off. Misfit gets both opponents out of the ring and Sharpe with a suicide dive to the outside. Back in the ring HD hits a vertical suplex. HD works over Misfit in the corner and makes the tag to Santiago. Double team maneuvers on Misfit and HD tags back in. Scoop slam from Santiago to Misfit. HD comes back in and hits a northern light suplex. Misfit tries to fight back but HD slams Misfit’s head to the floor. Santiago has Misfit on the top corner but Misfit throws Santiago off the ropes and hits a missile dropkick. Sharpe is tagged in and hits an enziguri on HD. Santiago comes in and hits a spin kick on Sharpe. Sharpe goes off the ropes and comes back and hits a double cutter on Santiago and HD. Misfit hits a 450 splash on HD for the win.

Winners: Gregory Sharpe & Tommy Misfit

Immediately after the match Che Cabrera and Sasha Darevko hit the ring and attack Sharpe and Misfit. Cabrera and Darevko lay out both men. Cabrera says you can either join them or embrace them. Darevko says the Revolucion does not hate everyone but asks you embrace them.

We go to commercial

We are back and matchmaker John Ian announces a match for next week between the RockNESS Monsters vs. PPRay in a best of 7 fall tag team match for the Heritage Tag Team Championship. The Grappler makes his way out and asks for the respect of the crowd. The Grappler says he has been trying to scout talent and says CWFH has the best talent in the world. The Grappler says John Ian is not much of a matchmaker. John Ian says The Grappler is right because they do have the best talent around. The Grappler threatens John Ian that he may very well take his job.

We go to commercial

Adam Pearce & Mikey O’Shea vs. Othello and James Morgan w/ Stu Stone

Morgan and Pearce start off the match. Morgan taunts Pearce but then tags in the 7 foot Othello. A lot of stalling to start things off. O’Shea wants to be tagged in and Pearce makes the tag. O’Shea and Othello go face to face and O’Shea attempts a shoulder tackle but cannot move Othello. Strikes by O’Shea but Othello with an Irish whip and comes off the rope with a flip neck breaker. Morgan tags in and makes his way over to Pearce and spits in his face. Pearce tags in and Morgan runs outside the ring. Pearce gets Morgan back in the ring and moves him to the corner. Hard chops by Pearce in the corner. Morgan is able to get the upper hand as we go to commercial.

We are back and Morgan applies cattle mutilation on Pearce. Morgan misses a clothesline and Pearce connects with a chop. Morgan pushes Pearce in the corner and tags in Othello. Othello mocks O’Shea and gets the referee distracted. Morgan is back in and stomps on Pearce several times. Othello in and connects with hard strikes in the corner on Pearce. Morgan distracts the referee as Stu Stone chokes out Pearce. Morgan is back in the ring and has a front face lock. Pearce tries to lift up Morgan and makes his way to tag O’Shea but the referee did not see the tag. Double team from the Family Stone on Pearce as the referee tries to get O’Shea to leave the ring. Pearce fights back attacking both Morgan and Othello. Roll up by Pearce but Morgan escapes. Lariat attempt by Pearce but Morgan ducks it and hits a low blow on Pearce without the referee noticing. Morgan pulls out brass knuckles from his tights and strikes Pearce in the face but only gets a two count. Morgan to the top rope but misses an elbow drop. Pearce tags in O’Shea and he hits a spine buster on Morgan. Othello is in and O’Shea hits a running shoulder tackle sending Othello outside the ring. O’Shea goes outside to attack Othello as Pearce and Morgan go at it in the ring. Back drop by Pearce to Morgan. Morgan goes for the pile drive but Stone goes up on the apron and tosses a hammer in the ring. Morgan strikes Pearce in the head with the hammer as the referee is distracted by Stone. Morgan covers Pearce for the win.

Winners: Othello and James Morgan.

The Family Stone celebrate outside the ring as O’Shea and Pearce stay in the ring in disbelief.

We go to credits

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